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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, today I will show you a new one method of weaving mesh and trail plastic bottles plastic bottle cut into ribbons from the tape made the workpiece and among themselves intertwined at such a grid wide range of applications mesh strong it can be stuffed on the chairs of the chair and the like but because of its water resistance from the grid you can make different gear
  • 00:30: fishing traps weave and the like or weave like baskets any size if you know where you can apply a similar grid write maybe your option to someone the grid comes in handy with no nodes and therefore it looks transparent and neat the grid can be made from different tapes sizes and colors and different sizes
  • 01:00: cells for today's grid need sliced ​​plastic bottle ribbon 4 millimeters wide for blanks needed prepare a pattern to do it I make the same blanks from piece of plastic from the hardware to make cuts in the pattern you need
  • 01:31: do something like this tool it can be made from a hacksaw blade its width at the tip of 4 millimeters base 6 millimeters tip need sharpen take any burner or just warm up the candle tip tool and by markup template mu on make cuts to melt the cracks the dimensions between the slits can be any in
  • 02:03: depending on the desired cell size example if you need 15 millimeter cell then the distance between the slots need do 30 millimeters only what needs to be considered is 2 started which depends on the width of the tapes i.e. if the width of the tapes is 4 millimeters then the length the gap should be no more than 5 millimeters and at least four millimeters in the future I will try to figure out how this process
  • 02:37: You can speed up and for now all the blanks do a similar pattern if you have There is an idea how to speed up this process write and I will test your version Today I'll show you how to weave a mesh
  • 03:22: weaving the net on the camera is long and uncomfortable you need to weave this net on your knees so I'll show you how to make one cell the remaining cells are made the same and in the picture I will show in what order braid blanks for better demonstration of longitudinal and
  • 05:12: cross billets painted in different colors place in the weaving point arrow respect the order of weaving not be sure to weave the grid can be as it is convenient for you to understand the principle weaving the very heaviness of the net over itself take the ends of the blanks and the slots do not give sprawl cells so the more
  • 05:42: tape width is tighter mesh 1 4 millimeter tape wide safely holds 15 kilograms of weight given I make a grid from 14 to 8 blanks only twenty-two blanks that is the total area of this grid can take on itself 330 kilograms true with the condition if the workpiece has no joints i.e. are there any tapes without extension
  • 06:15: but let's talk about it next time if you like the video like subscribe to my channel I say goodbye to you on this creative success luck