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Это, то что вы хотели видеть- идея... РАСЧЁТ ПЕТЕЛЬ

Это, то что вы хотели видеть- идея... РАСЧЁТ ПЕТЕЛЬ  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello there is milan and michka let's look at you today as calculate loops to tie such skirt corrugation we take the needles we need and knit a pattern of 30 loops how to knit such the pattern we have already considered that is the repeat of the pattern is 6 loops here here I have a knitting start of 25 m that is
  • 00:33: 18 rapport loops + 2 edging tied up the sample and what we do is frozen waist girth and let's say we have 60 centimeters that's 60 centimeters girth waist and we will have a half-grip of 30 centimeters folded centimeter tape in half and
  • 01:06: got a half- inch of 30 centimeters and we have a sample connected and this one the sample we apply to our centimeter tape 1 2 3 that is, these 20 loops we have three times fit in a semi girth that's how it
  • 01:39: looks look 60 loops it turns out that you remember 20 loops that we have is our sample three times multiplied by 20 it turns out 60 and the report of our pattern is 6 loops
  • 02:09: respectively sixty six loops it means and report 6 it turns out 60 loops plus 2 edge do not forget always these edge like this have read and the second half we will have same 60 + 2 62 on the sides then sew this skirt further
  • 02:43: also you can tie This skirt is one canvas and sew 11 seam that is, there will be this seam in the back accordingly, we will need to recruit 120 loops plus 2 edging and additionally 122 Do you remember that the report we have a pattern
  • 03:14: makes 6 loops pattern gas and here see also further you can do calculating your favorite skirt here you have a skirt let's say knitted and you are satisfied with everything in this skirt as she lying on your hips
  • 03:50: the same knit pattern is still the same sample and see attach this sample look like this along the waistline 1 2 3 and 4 that is, four times these 20 loops check you fit right here
  • 04:23: waist is half-grip if around the girth it turns out 8 we have this sample fit i see here 4 times 20 loops each , we get 80 + 2 82 but you remember that we have rapport
  • 04:55: is 6 loops if we dial 80 + 2 with us the pattern does not work then as we have here 80a report we have is 6 loops then we need to dial seventy eight loops plus 2 equals 80 this one moment always consider yes here with us it turned out that we have four times This sample fits is obtained by
  • 05:26: 20 loops 80 but the report we make 6 loops here always girls ask me this one the question is that they fail to pattern and so therefore the pattern fails because they forget that the report 6 corrugated pattern loops that is, four times 80 but we need dial 78 i.e. so that was a multiple of 6 plus 2 edging is on the half-grip
  • 05:57: if you will knit here with the second half that is, then bind one to another and sew on the sides if you will knit like this one web and make the back with one seam then look at this calculation 78 plus 78 equals 156 + 2 edge hundred fifty eight loops like this
  • 06:29: recruit ie don't forget when calculating the fact that the pattern repeat is 6 loops so that the number is a multiple of 6 plus 2 Edge that's exactly this moment that there were a lot of questions so here I typed there 100 a loop and I can not get it I need to dial
  • 07:00: so many loops to be a multiple of 6 plus 2 edging here do not forget this moment counting is not difficult since I am you told took your favorite skirt surely everyone has knitted some skirts factory and here is exactly what you took from chose and thread and knitting needles and density
  • 07:32: Wash the sample wash but washed dried and already you will know your density and how the thread behaved me foot dawning and knitting needles chose that's it all needles selected with thread do everything and you think so much loops as you need that is like this putting everything and accurate we will know
  • 08:05: that there are seventy eight loops then do not forget we counted 80 well need to dial to be a multiple of 6 78 and + 2 edging like that nothing complicated that's how many loops
  • 08:35: everyone needs it already one hundred percent accurate and surely you think so so now let's say girls ask me in the comments but how many how can I say for sure that let's say I don’t know no density knitting with any knitting thread you knit i will say telling under photo layer waist girth I have my own knitting density i have my own threads I will have a completely different
  • 09:07: calculations than you have here that is like this that's how i told you right now one hundred percent will never be outwardly err how many do you need to type a loop on Your Christmas tree in this case, that is, either measuring tape measure girth waist I just showed you here exchange measure yes let's say you again I repeat 60 cm waist circumference
  • 09:39: girth half-grab 30 cm here will be the same here is this sample apply to your centimeter tape and watch how many times this sample fit yes here in this centimeter tape here three times it turns out this half- grip three times she girth throughout
  • 10:10: waist 6 1 meaning you for yourself decide how you will knit either two canvases and stitch either side one cloth like this for one seam that is, you will determine it yourself for yourself how will you knit that is, like me now told the calculation you are always here always you will get exactly the amount
  • 10:45: the loops that you need exactly here I hope this video was clear and useful thank you for your attention to new meeting