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  • 00:00: hello my dear needlewomen subscribers our channel guests with you natalya and you on the channel about practical knitting hat I made a hat I was knitting for son on head size 51 to 51 he has a head circumference and a depth I have caps of 20 centimeters and since I as I told you, I tied her up so I have all the dimensions
  • 00:30: Is a centimeter ready now? I will measure knitted this hat from yarn go'zal baby wool two threads here 50 grams of them 175 meters so I have left just such 2 hank ie from from everybody like that things knitting needles in two lines number
  • 01:00: two because because I really wanted to stronghold well here probably already not will understand where I started where I finished probably here is the beginning first i I wanted a hat with a cuff but my son did not wanted such a knit park wear so I dismissed her and bandaged at first thought just fix the top then later it was
  • 01:31: the decision was made and the drawing itself is a little bit lower down in order to better it looked on the head here that is how we with you how to dial the Italian set how to close the ring we have videos let me leave links under this video on these videos as we knit this hat I'll start to start like this one here recognize it we have everything too
  • 02:02: finish now tell you how finished silent nothing complicated went so now start measuring and so bound with a rubber band 2 by 28 centimeters next there are two rows of drawing transition to gum 4 by 4 and further I
  • 02:32: already measured everything from the beginning Caps further as I remember 16 centimeters that was from the beginning and here in the end here closed the following way so I have God forbid the memory now I will say it turned out how much
  • 03:02: wedges I do not remember in short let's count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 at 14 15 16 17 18 18 wedges and that's 16 centimeters i untied further in every second row i cleaned 1 loop in each of these
  • 03:33: wedges then see here first start i cleaned all the purses i mean how did you knit here I see wrong and then the front with purl to teach here left when everything was closed wrong then I continued here in this the place that is already then became mine this here is the influx of thing before on next to the next facial loops
  • 04:04: of this gum like this in the end closed now I'll say in In general, completely all when there were loops that is, I have here 18 x 18 loops I left then everything else 2 collected and then pulled off with a needle that's the way the top of my head closed
  • 04:34: I don't have a dummy to pull on so Well, like this, that's how it is case looks I liked the yarn very much elastic spring gum keeps great hat turned out right here right on the head on one side of violence
  • 05:05: don't cover the other side on not dangles here is stretched as it should I think that the ideal option for caps for a boy for a girl, you need something like that then winning this case is somehow different to me it seems but this is my taste I will not give it to you impose in general in the spring we are ready Now we will wait for spring on this story I think about this cap is complete
  • 05:37: time to say goodbye do not forget to put likes those who subscribe for the first time channel do not miss the next video but for now, bye