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Проще не придумаешь! Слоеные лепешки с зеленым луком  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends hello this is a project another kitchen and with you i'm alexander today on channel cakes we love to cook them differently the sea receptor so if interesting look in the description of a bunch links And today, on the street, the cake will be green onions and let's make this all for us need for the recipe flour I did sift here 400 grams warm water 250 milliliters teaspoon salt and oil for frying and of course
  • 00:30: green onions a whole bunch to knead we take cup on more convenient pour flour mix all the salt and add here all warm water and knead the dough few minutes and thats we have a wonderful test igrushechki myagenkaya elastic approx well in
  • 01:02: the other side is nothing superfluous Now I'll cover it with a film and give it to the dough lie down for about 30 minutes the dough stood pick up once again and now friends are divided into 9 equal parts I use the scales roll up here such cola barrels I have turned 70 one gram but friends can even share
  • 01:33: arbitrarily it is uncritical plus or minus a few grams is okay we shift to the edge of the table slightly grease with vegetable oil will cover foil and let stand for a few minutes 057 and we during this time finely cut green onion oiled top and roll it in the rectangle of dough is excellent and pliable
  • 02:04: rolls well and now friends knife cut into thin thin strips stripes we don’t cling to the edge so that we have this here the mesh remained inside try cut as thin as possible now we take a brush and lubricate with oil you can even split the stripes where is he they stick together it's about time add onion sprinkle try to do evenly
  • 02:37: beauty distributed slightly crushed and we try to wrap up when this pulling on both sides now I'll try to show you [music] That's how it should turn out now about pull and well and wrap about I think it turned out at all thanks you for the support of someone holding me
  • 03:10: cams probably that's such a blank it turned out and now we take and collect everything well, look at the cake the class can be slightly rolled then it will be thinner and quicker and fry our tortillas well hot oil until ready on both sides friends perezhar in friends
  • 03:41: all tortillas on a slow fire and laid out immediately on a paper towel so that the excess oil is absorbed and look how beautiful it turned out who attentive already will consider that one thing I will try very tasty and now I'll show you the taste of pie with onions awesome dough simple but what are they puff friends visible and to the naked eye you saw
  • 04:11: before each here is this very polochka tasty and very flaky Well, cool, cool, it turned out another wonderful recipe simple and tasty I recommend with you was Alexander and this is another kitchen tomorrow will be new the recipe of all the leader come