Платье с цельнокроенными карманами  See details »

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  • 00:00: how do we pass the inner sharp rather right angle have reached
  • 00:31: straightened here and so this crease it will pass suppressed about whom now [applause] look here he is here he is a corner of everything Well, I wanted another one sew the collar of the dress on the overlock
  • 01:54: [music] three layers of the mountain so there is no where here with us clearly collar collar collar decided and now mandatory be it from the inside out paving so here a little bit like this we breed and down
  • 02:28: from collar machine products let's let's see what happens now
  • 02:59: but we have armhole we have a flat shoulder so we have no armhole perfectly straight and here we are putting sleeve sleeve tapers down now on overlock pass the line now sew the side seams modern with a seam of arm here here
  • 03:32: here we have a sleeve went from pockets our and pays down long to the floor necessarily and in this 3 as well
  • 04:04: [music]