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Как обработать лиф (верх платья) красиво

Как обработать лиф (верх платья) красиво  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to you all today, I'll show you how beautifully can be processed shelf if more precisely liv this is the top of the shelf I'm from trial cloth cut shelf do not pay attention that the neckline is big I sew to beautifully sat on a mannequin just show you the processing so here it is part is increased but for now the sign will be exactly here is the processing of the neck and so it
  • 00:31: I kind of do not need extra attention to this pay look what my cut 19 centimeters Here I will have such beautiful jumpers from oblique beake well, perhaps a couple of centimeters you can still go deep the width of the ticker is two and a half A centimeter here is our slanting inlay width 3 centimeters fold facial in
  • 01:09: inward and sew about the width paws [music] [music] [music]
  • 01:39: so I made the noise less than the width of the foot a little less important that this part was wider than this shevchik if you have this wide part you can cut so now we take a needle thick and thick strong thread
  • 02:13: here we cut off we fix the needle stupid side to send inside we pass needle the length of the slanting bake in I am about twenty meters away and we will turn out the thread should be
  • 02:45: not short so it will be more convenient for us work for me thirty centimeters five songs like this fingers do pull the string well, sometimes
  • 03:17: At first it will be hard and then it will be easier everything is fine here we chevchik these triangles are superfluous
  • 03:47: cut off a little rooster is now easier to remove when the tip appeared now hold the slash inlet it is impossible that here is a lot
  • 04:19: accumulated tissues little by little pull otherwise stall all twist We drive at night on the heat fiber processing now slanting cut cut on 5 centimeters long Now we put a neck starting from
  • 05:03: center means it's a cashier and a stove with us then turn out here so here front to face Shevchik should be on top of the slant pin pins the distance will be Here I have such a twinkle two and a half a centimeter if the fabric you stretches then
  • 05:35: head must be put on non-woven fabric Here is our bodice for now
  • 06:14: processing cleanliness I still made these jumpers I ask you to but it is not so important now we do face up impose on the front side facing here it is with us she is not cut as usual we do on the neck and here a piece that we have for the piping's on impose it in this way it’s even better not to handle
  • 06:48: will stretch weave with pins and we hang so sewn up now we cut do notches on roundings before reaching lines here if the fabric you have allows you can do two layers and it is possible here
  • 07:19: now cut exactly like a facing just be careful don't cut here these jumpers knives Roshka remove and go to the iron on wet heat treatment that's the way we are debugging like this
  • 07:57: Our bodice now looks like somewhere see some brat it is necessary to trim well, that's shorter, it means it's just It will be smaller so that's okay Reputation here you can otstrochit but you can not turn away let's say that if you have polka dot fabric like mine i dont I love when there are black threads on the peas postpone the white pea will go
  • 08:29: black if white thread on black fabric will go white i leave so though u me this sampler as I said means here we have facing here of course the edge is necessary process overlock or just bend and scribble numbers metrics so what we do now now we take on paper slightly glue click pencil well or do some
  • 09:01: another way for example you can bait for what we do it we need process the slash on this edge process that's when they're in free able these jumpers but practically it is impossible to fix them on paper and then process as I invented doing pencil on paper marks in a circular now glue a pencil he is not going abroad
  • 09:39: It does not stick much, but it will fix well and each jumper would be nice of course fix and here we are laying Exactly exactly glue stick good assistant tailor
  • 10:16: so well consolidated and now cut out to Our here these jumpers were precisely for paper edge oblique Bakey I carve impose
  • 10:51: front with front and sew all as usually process if you have cloth like my polka dots pay attention to the location of the picture here let's say here I'll sew a seam 05 to keep the peas sees otherwise it turns out that you are on the edge whether the fabric polka dots and you can sew so what happens
  • 11:21: piping and black is not beautiful oblique Bakeu slightly stretch and sew now this shevchik
  • 12:15: clipping and me if paper is thin you can do not break anything terrible if this paper will stay inside now let's do this experiment here we cut short let's see how she will be and then we sew a little paper inside out now tuck and with
  • 12:46: front side stitched The slanting backway should go behind line yes perhaps still better not I interrupt here for a long time this way handle a lot of prize was better not tear off in the accounts i did i will take
  • 13:27: I will cut but not completely the paper but I will cut before reaching the line like this will perhaps more correctly so the video is not staged no rehearsal but information anyway this valuable for many danced that's how it turned out
  • 14:03: boom now delete so all the oblique inlay processed from
  • 14:33: stroked well here otstrochila because what I think is delayed here that is here we need to spend it with what difficulties I faced Well, for a long time I did not and did not process so the note is it all looks very beautiful of course means with what difficulties that's when we handle the bias that's the way i showed here facial with facial and bend on
  • 15:04: on the wrong side there is danger the probability that the lower part of the oblique bakey will be here a little bit I even look out here under parole It was altered so I have therefore listen carefully how to do it, I I like to do everything honestly if something I prize was somewhere I made no need to say a mistake
  • 15:34: oh how simple how easy there is no need have the courage to say a little when you forgot and you do like this way here we have the front side here is a purl impose facial to seamy side sewn first line laid around and then bend on the front side and
  • 16:05: pound from the front and then the bottom Part of it will not look exactly such a recommendation to you but in general master class I think for you was useful interesting who liked video put your finger up subscribe to the channel bye all the best