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  • 00:00: hello friends today i want you tell us how to tie such a beautiful pattern pattern simple but looks very effectively I knit yarn from Valencia cola is european yarn it one hundred percent acryl 100 grams and 250 acrylic premium this acrylic means good quality he really good to the touch very soft so and but
  • 00:31: never guess what it is acrylic very good yarn such and color beautiful interesting color i'm I want to tell you here recommends knitting needles three and a half four millimeters i see on the needles of 3 millimeters if you like this yarn
  • 01:01: it can be ordered in online store the wizard on him I I'll take off the link in the video description I will also give you a link to the store and what cities are in Ukraine where you can also buy this yarn and I will test the yarn as she leads yourself after washing after treatment as holding a rubber band
  • 01:31: see the gum is so tight well now holds and pattern enough tight in the report of this pattern 10 loops and 12 rows up for sample i typed 35 or two edge I'll show you how the pattern repeats of 10 5 1 row all loops knit facial the second row edge is removed and all
  • 02:07: loops knit purl Next 3 row knit all loops front and in the fourth row all the loops fit purl now fifth row edge 6 purses are removed and knitted 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 4 facial 1 2 3 4 and so I repeat to end of row 6 purl 4
  • 02:43: facial now the sixth row edge rented provyyvaya 4 purl 1 2 3 4 6 facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 I made this rapport pattern with 10 the loops continue on up to me the end of the row is now 7 row rapport all loops are knitted facial
  • 03:16: in the eighth row all loops purl in on the ninth of this all loops are facial and in the tenth row all loops purl and so we knit these rows 11 row Trump edge ports removed we knit one purse back wall 4 facial 1 2 3 4 5 purl 12345 I tied rapport row 11
  • 03:53: pattern further i repeat it 1 purl 4 facial 5 purl so knit to the end of the row repeating 10 repeat pattern loops 12 row rapport edge I take off I knit 5 facial 12 row fits in the picture as you see
  • 04:23: further 4 purl and 1 facial it rapport the pattern further it repeats until end of the row start knitting with 13 rows the pattern repeats from the first row and in the result is such a beautiful pattern Now I will make measurements before washing here look rubber comes 10 with
  • 04:53: half a centimeter the pattern itself in the middle I take measurements 12 and a half centimeters and the height of the pattern here goes 13 centimeters here I already the sample washed and waltzes sewed and now make measurements we get gum became 10 centimeters wide was 11 5 she is walled which is very good for gum
  • 05:27: because she will keep fit depends on what not to knit if hats what she will not be strongly stretched after washing further the pattern we had was 12 seconds wide half a centimeter it is also a little stretched out here 12 centimeters and the height of the pattern we were 13 centimeters high also look left as was what i can
  • 05:58: say I really liked this yarn good quality has a very good Acrylic I want to remind you what to get it You can in the online shop which you throw off the link in the description to video mother can also be purchased na in Ukraine and and also in the description there will be a link where they are all Thank you for watching video
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