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  • 00:00: a life hello dear friends on the air channel life and with you lead ram long body Today we are visiting a person many people consider a wizard and magician developed technique healing is unique what is the magic of this technique will tell us The author himself Vitaly Demianovich guide one of most famous manual therapists in
  • 00:30: Russia author own effective not traumatic during treatment musculoskeletal diseases apparatus Hello Vitaly Demianovich this ice floe night you have great healing experience people in the east say that age man is determined by his state joints how often do you meet confirmation of this in practice constantly and joints and work through god walks badly bends down
  • 01:00: slow take your finger then this is a young man or the girl goes limp or move with Grannies are old and 90 years old respected and there are people in 30 exactly old clear tell me what it all depends on our health is our mountain joints and joints can on new components sports overload injuries for example birth defect and sometimes
  • 01:32: this is lady minovich with most of my friends sometimes give me a neck ache and I know that this is such a pretty common problem and whatever from age it occurs in people that this is cervical osteochondrosis as a rule it cervical osteochondrosis will rarely get myositis inflammation of the muscles of his androv’s boulevards from 6 years and older on what affects the verse andros came all androzip first very
  • 02:02: decided with the french is not the head hence the headaches and occipital blurred vision out loud there may be noise in ears under constant farther memory can hurt the roots of hair whom picts and that means hair fall out came news 1 for shoulders and arm numbness little fingers and more often big fingers should not have all hands before that you can not write not
  • 02:33: maybe bad motor seems to be treating the cervical osteochondrosis is quite possible but often make your totally wrong by methods yes that they did not sew the news and Russky prize intervertebral technology discs flattened in the cervical region to know with it is supposed not not at each other as well tilting caucasus steps forward and at It is very easy for the rear are pressed arteries though supply blood from occipital head area which errors
  • 03:05: doctors say cemetery relationship comes orientation will speak in detail do such exercises in Russia such atoms such exercises type year doctors recommend and here for example such stretch dah stretch so it is recommended after such exercises cervical osteochondrosis regret does not pass and increases why lay on the wall like this under discs yes easy to show to these exercises
  • 03:35: drives just get lost you lose Joseph Broz increases passing blood vessels more eats then what exercises can save treatment of cervical osteochondrosis once I came up with suggested got there some exercises teach me please yes please here you are Look exactly now was 25-30 20 no, it was very like this
  • 04:05: here is the exercise put the ship come from the background of the head background less can and no more why are the vessels overlapping here and there he can no longer spice them and means though pose two more exercises one exercise is then called relates me here i sit and so lightly Lena someone we are talking this did not go structure nothing talk about him under the cottage we lightly
  • 04:35: try again and you do it seems to be like a bad movie and mexican the smaller apple is big that's about the same thing we say and you pushes me almost imperceptible absolute movement is what you have sewn up from childhood in riding memory a harm to started but can not then yes talk from oil account I did not it just got worse as you do or
  • 05:06: need to shake your head and put on very sharply just usually the movements of which are sewn up there's not even exalting after me i'm a blogger by a little bit and not rushed forward not dove you walk here and here and pose look ahead forward look okay not let me think what to say about yes yes kombata yes yes yes all country house yes so and not very much no need hint hint you princess to the princess in all
  • 05:37: inspection and catch your hints this is an allusion to movement understand movement here is the most Once again, grief why such small movements drink muscle movements at night relaxed discs pressed but stir at the stirring they gain water thickness increases by restoring please see perlite hydration yet I will say why the disks lose water often small offset small microscopic but with neck muscles tense up and late at night next to
  • 06:09: site overly compressed drives lose water all those phenomena happen this here in such a pose the second exercise we find ahead and same we say no no how the princess says barely barely barely such a movement of the legs is a hint of movement here such a movement is now dry to do how serious is the question I mean I usually recommend doing each
  • 06:41: exercise for two minutes here of these there two minutes and there two minutes but not in a row with a half hour break in each the exercise is done only one by one once every hour then there are two minutes yes then have you got up in the morning 2 heads thump I can do about it because something else study with colin which of course yes yes yes yes yes yes yes not much shake not much half an hour goes another two minutes not yet 90 takes half an hour
  • 07:15: it turns out that during the day you can of course of course you can go here do a movie in the theater at work well where the author is tricky to do it driving a car the teacher during that lesson and lectures anywhere right and by age and due to the health and heat of the game and not beyond the ridge this exercise is moving on to do people 90 and older now sometimes very powerful sports people say 30 40 years old here
  • 07:47: I'm the same wrestler she outwardly exercises chin hee ho spiritual will pump him strong muscles of the hand of thought spool of sports the truth of the development of the husband is an exercise for restore disc discontent stretch marks and mater not drive almost relaxed very much all relaxed everything beyond the capacity drive when take away the moisture are released vessels of you of this circulation and what else sometimes it comes to me very heavy
  • 08:19: patient neck card 60 and 70 80 thorn in able to mine from difficult customers rule can not be very tough necks only the mother called check can not be broken for 12 months of such classes and spine rules easily successfully anesthetized today I shared the month yes everything know boiled rice take now with people sports well there are not sports top 30 40 years all question dachau any two months there do not swing
  • 08:49: neck exercise do you want to read exhaust on equality and do exercise will be all right sometime stones came a long time ago a man fell the car tumbled and worn it not broke several vertebrae further absolutely did not move more than the project impossible there the sprout started doing exercise somewhere in three or four planned neck became all very quickly a bunch quickly, that is, he began to move her make moves spinning is still interesting
  • 09:20: case will be an interesting boy there somewhere already 10 years old buber kent smart to have made languages too and mother, and a T-shirt here there is no that dirol and suddenly got stupid that is absolutely not learned nothing understands nothing can starve dad-mom pistol dragged me here such a pile of conclusions from three ideas and videos all hondros mom dad did not believe and believe puts cure him flinch point
  • 09:51: tests even using these two forms signal feces about nothing more it was not well whether people are not in vain They say that you are the magicians magician is matches the easiest thing was christ sat on 100 to 200 is much harder Vitaly Demianovich thank you very much I I think that you have a miracle technique will help many people and we say goodbye to dear friends with you tv channel life be healthy a life
  • 10:23: your life but