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  • 00:00: [music] in this video I will talk about basilica growing seedlings planting in the ground and about its application could you take off video about planting basil is very much opinions on the Internet it is not clear where the truth and where there is no basil is a genus of annuals and perennial grasses and shrubs family yasnotka you are representatives of the kind natives tropical and warm temperate areas old world based on the fact that the plant is originally from the warm strip is understandable
  • 00:31: that in more northern regions it is necessary grow through seedlings when sowing seeds she just does not have time well grow and will not give a large amount There is a lot of greenery in basil species and varieties but the main two species are basil with purple leaves and with I used to grow both green basil of but with time separated again refused why some plants I leave to grow in the greenhouse for early
  • 01:02: greens but most of the land planted open ground the climate is rainy and over time, I noticed that the leaf is green on and basil varieties in my region Leningrad region because of the constant Rain on the street they grow poorly on excessive moisture is warmed up leaflets and harvest a quality crop not possible varieties with violet leaves more resistant to high humidity so now I only grow such
  • 01:32: when to plant seedlings since i I grow most of the plants in open ground now and sense to plant seedlings wounds I don't see anyway before June 10 when we run out frost I land it in open ground I can not therefore I sow basil seeds around mid-april besides i I grow a plant without picking me no time place messing around with seedlings basil and in a small volume of the plant no matter how long the seedlings grow
  • 02:05: basilica grows under led lamps only the first time while under lamps have a month this is when the main pepper seedlings in eggplants and tomatoes grow put bowls with 1 from them just on the windowsill in April is already enough light on the window for of this crop how to plant seeds container for planting seedlings I take high because the seedlings will grow in it without picking into a container us and power bi primer and spill it water the seeds I scatter on the surface
  • 02:36: do not overdo it with the seeds they are small black and on the ground they are not visible therefore first, better pour out the necessary the number of seeds per saucer spoon lightly press the seeds into the ground themselves the seeds I don’t cover with earth I close the container either a tight lid or wear transparent plastic bag to keep the soil basil germinates well at room temperature 22 24 degrees after germination package shoot
  • 03:06: and put the temperature under the lamp at growing basil seedlings is necessary maintain the same as in the germination 22 24 degrees with more low temperatures and high humidity the soil of the seedlings are affected by the black leg I think that this is the main problem many gardeners when growing basil seedling basil plant heat-loving and when the seedlings are put on cold window
  • 03:37: and the chest is very wet plants get sick with black leg and die like that how most gardeners grow seedlings on the windowsills planted her wounds February when the window sill is cold then get a sad result if not opportunities to grow seedlings on rack then insulate cold window sill for example foam plastic and in no case Do not overfill the seedlings basil seedlings with favorable conditions growing pretty fast i
  • 04:07: grow without picking however if you overdosed on planting with seeds and plants sprouted you can be very densely pull out an earthen ball with plants and divide it into several parts a then put each part in a separate container however if you want to get very early basil harvest then seeds can be put in cassettes in each cassette to plant no more than three seeds then the plant root system will be
  • 04:37: a place to develop and such seedlings can be planted early in mid-march of course if you have there is a time and place for such a method growing further such seedlings it makes sense to plant in a greenhouse and grow there most often in cassettes Basil plant those who grow plants for sale and they plant in each cassette with one seed Incidentally, Natalia Smorchkova planting stalked celery seedlings
  • 05:08: about the same time as i basil in april month and gets a great harvest video about stalk cultivation celery seed to harvest and four ways of planting greens can be viewed on the link at the top I usually start planting seedlings in greenhouse after the first of may and seedlings basil I also sit down on rearing in the greenhouse along the edge of the garden it is possible to plant and how it there so
  • 05:39: like an eggplant and pepper earthy ball with seedling basil pulling out container and put on a bed after transplanting seedlings above it we set the arc and cover with non-woven basil just as afraid of frosts like tomatoes with peppers and eggplants so keep it warm in Leningrad region freezing end around June 10th and if weather allows sowing basil seedlings from the greenhouse in
  • 06:10: I used to have a primer bed under different greens but then I refused it and soot I all greens as a seal wherever there is a place basil often grows at me in the middle of the garden with strawberries first year th 'strawberry bushes are not yet very large and there is enough space for all transplanting seedlings plants neatly share basil is not afraid of strong root damage about the system and pretty quick and restore well of course it does not mean
  • 06:41: that you can completely strip the root systems when transplanting i plant I do not share one by one and put on 2-3 plants in one hole even with such planting them it is quite enough and light and food as I plant them at a great distance from each other part of the plants I leave grow in a greenhouse for an earlier harvest no mineral and organic fertilizers when I landed in a bed of basil make no
  • 07:11: Basil is enough food which is clearly a power in the garden under the main culture if you highlight your basilica a separate garden bed and you have it not very fertile ground on top of that mulch can to pour five or ten centimeters of compost and already later in this compost to land yourself plants basil in normal weather growing and developing very quickly it no problem at all, and I'm a culture with mine
  • 07:43: point of view a very important reception in agronomist basil is pinching can be done either in 1 one period when seedlings outgrew and need to limit its growth or already adult plant about height 10-15 centimeters do it in order that the plant began to actively bush and gave more leaf mass for this plants just tearing off the crown after this plant will stop growing up and
  • 08:13: will start to give side shoots from the sinuses leaves thus increasing our harvest basil like any other plant tries to leave offspring and blooms around mid-July but we do n't need a plant starts to spend power on growing seeds they are green so when the flowering begins cutting off the top of the plants along with flower stalks in summer we love very much add it to fresh vegetable salads
  • 08:43: when it comes time I add a lot of basil marinating litter urov recipe of my favorite tomatoes with basil can be viewed at the link to on top and for the winter basil can be dried and use it when cooking different dishes already dried exactly same way i grow through seedlings early salad my family for example is salad only in early spring and early summer there are no other vegetables and berries with
  • 09:14: of our site therefore I sow lettuce just like basil in april month at home for seedlings in a big flat and then in early May in the greenhouse in the ground the salad is usually planted cucumbers along all greenhouse beds your salad we We start to eat depending on the weather mid May and around mid July then the salad is already coarse leaves become bitter and not tasty and cucumbers it already interferes in the open ground I
  • 09:46: salad not transplant but if you have desire you can do exactly that same as with basil plant as compaction culture in the same strawberries first year my parsley is growing too compactor with other cultures in the fall I don't remove her from the garden and she it remains so to winter with normal winter parsley does not freeze and give spring very early potion how to grow very fruitful pepper why plant two tomatoes in one hole how to get
  • 10:19: big harvest eggplant how to get super and does not respect the tomatoes all good harvests with you was hope non-hunt channel site in the garden about