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Шапка «Жгуты из пышной резинки» спицами

Шапка «Жгуты из пышной резинки» спицами  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello dear friends welcome you on the channel knitting and today i would like to tell you how to tie such a wonderful beautiful shura pack such a hat we will and soured yarn gas run here 175 meters 50 grams 40 percent per acrylic 20 percent cashmere 40 percent
  • 00:33: merino wool knitting necessary to take circular needles 40 centimeters 3 millimeters pick up spoke size depending on density your knitting as we need hook to form the top of the cap and a marker to indicate the beginning of a series on the cap took about 150 grams and now let's take a closer look
  • 01:04: how do we tie such a wonderful hat knitting needles ninety six loops I close the loop round set the marker and knit gum 1 front 1 purl front purl 1 row knit loop
  • 01:41: grandmother's way so convenient the subsequent series knit the classic way and knit 1 front 1 back and front purl 2 and subsequent rows of elastic knit front of the front wall
  • 02:15: purl the back and so knit gum 1 front purl knit 3 rows we knit 3 installation rows rubber band 1 face 1 purl and now we will tie the lush gum for this 1 row lush gum knit we find the facial loop previous row
  • 02:49: we enter a needle into the middle of the front loop grab the working thread stretch and remove the loop from the left needles purl knitting as usual facial how would we knit double purl drive through as usual we introduce a needle
  • 03:26: the middle of the front loop of the previous row I stretch yarn conclusions and shoot with knitting needles purl as usual and so knit the first row lush gum until the end as the provyazyvaem would double face loop start a knitting needle in the middle of the facial loop
  • 04:16: we stretch the thread and remove the loop from knitting needles and thus knit first a series of lush gum to the end knit row to the end and now the second row is lush gum front now knit in the usual classical way and purse we need to tie as if
  • 04:47: the second time for this we get knitting under horizontal Stenochku purl loop hinges previous row brought by grabbing a working thread and I pull the loop off the knitting needles front office
  • 05:22: knit as usual purl we get a needle under the horizontal wall of the previous row of the loop we stretch the thread and remove from the needles knit facial classic a way usually to the wrong provyazyvayu two turns among
  • 06:02: stretched and removed and thus knit row until the end and further knit lush gum alternating first knit facial twice next row wrong and alternate these two rows means next row we will be like
  • 06:37: second time knit facial then purl facial knit like usually purl knit so way we knit a row to the end now it can be seen that the gum is different from previous rows of the usual gum she
  • 07:08: getting really lush due to the fact that we would double each loops alternately first facial then purl and knit in this way a row up end and then knit four more rows lush gum we knit It turns out 6 rows of fluffy gum here even more noticeable difference between ordinary rubber band 113 lush gum that is
  • 07:39: really such a cloth becomes two-sided lush pattern and now in this row we will begin knotting overlap and rapport pattern she makes 24 loops on 12 loops for each harness what does it mean that is y There are four reports in total. each report 2 harness
  • 08:10: 12 loops one harness we will do one to do overlap and near the harness we knit overlaps the opposite side and between them we will have 9 rows of lush rubber bands it is not necessary to knit exactly 9 rows number of rows can be any your discretion, that is, you can knit more rows and then there will be
  • 08:40: overlap and paris this is more elongated harness and tie the sample see how you like it more there are 9 rows it is not necessary to knit exactly 9 rows there may be any other number of rows at your discretion and now I knit 1 interlace translate six loops on auxiliary needle 3 4 5 6
  • 09:10: sleep before knitting provyazyvaya magnificent gum previous row and knit twice purl loop now in this row double knit facial knit 6 loops 3 4 5 6 and 6 5 with auxiliary sing the same
  • 09:54: knit lush gum knit the first overlap the next 12 loops knit without overlapping as usual lush gum
  • 10:25: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 here we knit 1 rapport and will now repeat transfer six loops to
  • 10:56: auxiliary needle 456 Sleep before knitting, we knit 6 5 lush gum not forgetting 34 five 6 and 6 5
  • 11:26: with auxiliary needles 1 2 3 you are 6 and 12 5 puffy gum 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and 12 2 rapport and pro knitting and
  • 12:16: I knit the next we still have It turns out two in the same way that is do an overlap and then 12 loops for sure rubber bands knit row to the end and then knit 9 more rows lush gum in this series knit double face loop then next summer we start knit facial as usual and edward and
  • 12:48: knit purl and so alternate the series first we knit the front of the purse knit 9 row in a lush gum you knit 9 row after the last overlap a first we had overlap to the left the next cross be to knit right that is, we alternate first knit 1 overlap vulture next right next then
  • 13:19: also left right left right this y us one report one report 2 harnesses so we repeat the following rapport just 1 overlap with us to to the left we have next through 9 rows right and then left again right left right and thus knit 12 5 exactly gum 34 1112 carry six
  • 13:54: loops on the auxiliary needle 56 Spitsyn knitting for knitting 6 5
  • 14:28: lush gum three four five six and six loops with auxiliary knitting needles Here we are one of our work and
  • 15:16: next I repeat 12 5 lush gum three four five six seven eight nine ten 1112 transfer 65 again and
  • 15:48: on the auxiliary needle 456 knitting needles for 65 and regular gum three four five six and six loops auxiliary needles
  • 16:20: [music] knit the next job and knit so way further and then knit again 9
  • 16:52: row in a lush gum and knit repeat with 1 overlap and first overload that is we will have alternation of overlaps at first we knit left overlap then now we knit sat down next right after 9 rows we repeat again with 1 we are just the same to the left then 5 9 rows of lush wreaths and
  • 17:23: right and thus knit our hat next we knit our hat next do the overlining and left to the right between crossings we knit 9 rows and would like not to give some useful tips especially for beginners knitting a lush gum in a circle and how count
  • 17:56: number of rows between intersections find the last overlap will be very easy to find by such a gap and look at the broach count the number broaches 1 broach is not considered to be in that row us that we knit overlap so we think further we get two times three 4 5 six 7 8 and now it turns out 9 the row will be in the next row will need
  • 18:31: already knit overlap further if you let's say you were distracted and forgot this loop need to knit 2 1 face or wrong side for that look at next loop let's say we have a facial carefully look at it and look at the wall of the loop and we see that here we have 4 threads near the wall
  • 19:02: that is, she is already bound for the second time previous row bova if we knit knit now yet since its that it turns out already will be three times we will knit it just a standard face up and purl look at purl here there is such a single Tasya then stenochki 2 2 threads means you need to knit it second time and everything is simple with
  • 19:36: knitting fluffy gum from you need attentiveness and knit hat further to the required height is somewhere 22 23 centimeters we tied our hat necessary heights knitting a lush gum making overlap and ours in the bushes with one the parties in one in the harness they failed
  • 20:06: 5 overlaps and side by side 4 overlap after the last overlap and knitting a few more rows I knitted 7 rows lush gum and now we were to form we knit our hats every 2 loops together in this way 1 shoot the second is purse tying front and stretch through the front rented knit purl face and
  • 20:40: we stretch through the front we shoot knit and pull again [music] and draw and so knit to the end of the row and then again also knit
  • 21:19: every 2 loops together until needed the minimum number of loops that is the formation of the crown of the note is about two rows therefore it is necessary to tie our hat immediately necessary height me it 's somewhere around twenty two centimeters on the needles I left somewhere around 25 loops and now you can with
  • 22:04: hook through the loop working thread thus attract we stretch the working thread through everything
  • 22:48: the remaining loops on the needles stretched workers they are through all our loops pulled the window tied up and now it remains to hide our tails on the seamy side and our hat will be ready to thank you all for your attention thanks for like join the VKontakte group subscribe to the channel and to new
  • 23:18: meeting