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К чаю за 30 минут! 5 РЕЦЕПТОВ ИЗ СЛОЕНОГО ТЕСТА  Разгадка про чебуреки!

К чаю за 30 минут! 5 РЕЦЕПТОВ ИЗ СЛОЕНОГО ТЕСТА Разгадка про чебуреки!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi friends this is the kitchen inside out Today I will show 5 very tasty desserts who prepare no more than half an hour very simple very fast and very tasty all recipes from the finished puff pastry if you are not a fan of dough from the store cook it yourself it surely will longer but it tastes even better first recipe it's a strange kind of cake but he so delicious that i even have it on sometimes cook holidays
  • 00:31: we call him wrong i usually I prepare portions but you can make them big form they lay out correctly because you need to put it on a piece of a spoon cut fail I highly recommend try if of course you haven't cooked such a dessert everything is very, very simple dough spread directly on baking paper and cut into small cubes to me it turns out about two by two centimeter new taiwan night there but this does not matter, I cut the main
  • 01:01: I use for this pizza knife Well, of course, and the usual knife will do spreading it all on a baking sheet Preheat oven to 200 degrees and bake sliced squares 15-20 minutes here look at my oven I love when they redden well then cake is tastier while the puff squares cool I cook cream cream needs discounts and condensed milk
  • 01:32: I have a cream of 33 percent can be 30 but not less otherwise you can't beat now add condensed milk better Of course that was not such a condensed milk liquid is better to take from whole milk but buy this in our time is harder on can one inside another
  • 02:02: so today my cream is watery it will be but I hope it does not affect the taste the squares have cooled down these are my blush and spread a little in a bowl and add cream all at once not smear recommend otherwise they may seem once gently mix and spread in suckers or me a big plate just as well rewind cream the rest
  • 02:38: squares and lay out the shape is obtained 4 of these servings can be served immediately but when the cake soaked it even tastier will not yet turn on left to make tea and try excellent as always
  • 03:15: yummy second recipe crispy bun with cinnamon as the first recipe here at me puff yeastless dough I roll a little grease egg protein and sprinkle with sugar now cinnamon we love cinnamon so i add
  • 03:46: turning it up more such a roll and cut into small pieces thick about one and a half centimeters spread on a baking sheet grease egg yolk and sprinkle with sugar put in preheated to 180 degrees oven 20 Minutes here such are obtained buns very
  • 04:17: delicious and most importantly quickly the third recipe cook puffs with cottage cheese and cranberries dishes flaky yeast dough but any puff pastry will fit measuring out 200 grams of cottage cheese is desirable not too wet greasy any fit spread in a bowl add egg white 2 tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon
  • 04:49: starch so that the filling does not spread stir spread dough i don't I roll the base out until it is desirable of course to cut into even squares about 10 by 10 centimeters middle spread stuffing and connecting the corners
  • 05:20: I do not strongly bond I need to the slices open up slightly when baking since i will add more berries but if the filling is only cottage cheese when need to fasten the corners better spread on pan parchment paper egg yolk losing a teaspoon of milk or water and grease envelopes put in the oven and bake at 180
  • 05:55: degrees 20 25 minutes that's what I got I'm posting on plate and filling the cranberries with I had sugar with sugar , of course you can any berries and fruits and even jam nose sour cranberries me I like this beauty most of all I serve tea not only tasty but also
  • 06:25: beautiful i will show today two more desserts but now a little distracted from sweet the previous video where I compared three recipe dough for ravioli I asked to guess where is the dough in chiku rivers thank you all for the comments there were a lot of correct answers but The first all three numbers correctly called Irina Alberti or Alberti I'm sorry if I made a mistake to stress number one is dough on mineral water number
  • 06:55: 2 on milk and the most successful pasties died 3 on choux pastry when I rolled it in the test there were such small bubbles most likely the camera will not see in even hear them burst with a hint let's take turns one ball Chubriki beautiful immediately even canvas or little but quite a bit of dough is tasty filling juicy when frying nothing breaks and juice does not flow
  • 07:26: This dough can be used for chebureks but why if there is better heat number two naturally milk Immediately as if the same but no juice began seeping through those who and style unpleasant 2 cheburek the same many decided what broke and the dry dough on mineral water has become this is the problem yandere gain except Vanya here distinguished the dough on milk and
  • 07:57: she is not only love buryakov and Now the number is twin to the test for boiling water here everything is perfect and bubbles and mouth-watering look and taste already showed in general choux pastry suitable for pasties although I cook a little man another recipe leave a reference in the description to whom interesting and now returned dessert pineapple slices again quickly quickly tasty and beautiful i use
  • 08:29: canned pineapple rings spread them on a paper towel and promakivayu from above to remove excess moisture instead of pineapple need to take ringlets of apples are also very tasty dough here I have a little flaky yeast roll out and cut into strips about one and a half centimeters wide I take a pineapple ring and like this
  • 09:00: wrapping his dough spread on a baking sheet grease whipped egg and put in preheated to 180 degrees oven for 20-25 minutes here such are obtained and now about gitik moderately sweet with
  • 09:31: crispy crust and delicious fruit I roll out the dough in two by slices so one lay on another dough sprinkle a little starch so that the juice from the fruit did not flow out here I use canned fruit again as the fastest and most delicious of course
  • 10:01: take any berries or fruit fresh or frozen spread and top also sprinkle with starch roll roll and spread on baking sheet I have a silicone pad here, but you can use baking paper on top make several cuts with a knife so the rolls will be cooked better and easier it will cut put in preheated to
  • 10:32: 180 degree oven in 15 minutes I smear with a beaten egg and bake another 15 minutes you can roll sprinkle with powdered sugar and you can served with tea I do not know about you but i always have one in the freezer puff pastry packaging urgently wanted something sweet or more often unexpectedly
  • 11:02: relatives or friends came to visit in half an hour we are drinking tea with crunchy dessert to us all recipes as always will find under the video in the description send your feedback and write what you get ready puff pastry a recipe that I like me I will definitely prepare the video and will show the author subscribe like Share this video with friends and not forget to click on the bell in front many more interesting things