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Приготовила вчера пирог низ получилсясухой плохо пропитался и сахара много получается надо меньше класть. Я вот подумала, если сразу с молоком перемешать и тоже слоями залить я думаю лучше получится. Я еще сахарной ванилью посыпала.
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  • 00:00: hello today we are preparing the cake which is called 3 glasses all mixed up and ready this is the bulk cake option with apples This recipe was sent to me by my subscriber. Natalia Falcon is such an option bulk cake [music] I will need 5 medium apples rubbed their coarse grater can not peel apples
  • 00:32: juice if you rub grated apples how am i here today i have a semerenko variety they darken anyway even if you you are still in the bill they will pull down if you rub apples on a combine then she doesn't have time very quickly darken you immediately poured juice and they you are bright so if you just grater like today I have nothing terrible now mix all dry products sugar and semolina and flour with baking powder and mix everything I take a split form with a diameter of 20
  • 01:05: centimeters so look all weave it I parchment with oil and stenochku spreading oil on parchment stuck now we will collect pie all dry mix needs to be divided into four equal parts to make 4 identical korzham can take a glass and and just about an eye distribute it around 120 approximately gram divide apples by approximately 3 equal parts I will have three layers apples
  • 01:35: Now we all fall asleep in order to we got a uniform pie apples Semerenko very quickly darken and become dark even if they are watered lemon juice guys but with apples Simirenko such a sweet and sour taste it turns out tastiest to repeat and so the whole cake till the end at the end be sure to dry the mixture so last apple layer the last layer of loose mix already personally from myself I am in this recipe
  • 02:05: added a piece of butter ship to milk and need it heat it up in the literal sense the words almost boiled very hot we pour milk over our whole pie the oven by this time should already be warmed by 180 degrees with a fork or knife do punctures gently to milk passed through the entire thickness to the cake is soaked send to the oven baked approximately 45
  • 02:36: from minutes every oven will bake differently i have warmed up 180 degrees got the cake out of the oven and i let it cool for about 20 minutes with a dessert knife a bit of a cork the edge of the form so that everything is well laid out so carefully remove up and remove the virga mind [applause] a little powder on top of powdered sugar
  • 03:06: cut a piece see what turned out inside like that inside no longer wait to try at I have a very similar cake that is Here is how one of the options how to cook such a cake but I cook it differently therefore such an option and I was very alluring I want to say that now I have him cut and he's just like cream from
  • 03:37: cut this very cool probably better and pie here is bulk i was eating I do not have this inside as if with cream is already the impression that his cooked from the oven got inside cream he juicy at all slightly slightly warm and it is very tempting and tasty not just enough milk I mean to you all I recommend this option because I I make an option where I rub with oil
  • 04:07: the butter is just on top and and then it all depends on the juiciness itself. apples you know they can always guess juicy apples and not always pie so wet and soaked and therefore I get your comments to that video inside yulia nothing soaked me it seems that when i got it out oven cut inside and cream it just a peak of perfection like soap will and what's inside the cream guys are very I recommend without eggs one-two and ready and very tasty very
  • 04:37: waiting for coming i think you're cooking at home similar cakes I'm waiting for your photos on Instagram and reviews to me really liked natalya you just super that they found such recipes Now they will cook this cake so all delicious tea drinking in all love subscribe to my channel put likes watch me on tv channel r1 bye