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  • 00:00: Hello everybody black today shamanism with foam now what make fill it all over here dissolves foam blame add here this is tinting paste dye one in a word and this is golden powder and try this mass which we have it turns out to paint any product many ask how is this one blank she didn't read dry here see 8 quietly inside the dick that is
  • 00:30: inside she is liquid already a week has passed she doesn't want Okay, not everything is arranged [music] this plastic it is more so tight from
  • 01:03: fine-grained away from household technology the packaging is glowing refrigeration only this this ton is specifically from the boiler [music] [music]
  • 01:47: Well, your dissolved one piece of the strip is not You disappeared like this and by varnishes now it will become transparent completely wait but there more or less became transparent now we fill the stakes with the bubble comes out more than life and make m quick behind add honest I don't know
  • 02:22: how much to add note here engaged in showing we will pay mark up [music] Here before adding this Kohler view from this
  • 03:16: Mudra things it turns out ordinary varnish can cover wooden spruce what about iron long and dry quickly chains in 10 minutes one coat dries enough already someone and it turned out it was necessary also in vain add now I will give him a little rest then I will stir and we will paint
  • 03:50: until I prepare this surface by coloration [music] hurt the counter paint darling as many more myself that vin brilliantly is the main among we need to be degreased by the way of this fiber that uses last time we did not really place symbol agent final she that after freezing Residential tries not to paint
  • 04:23: despite it was better to use [music] [music]
  • 05:00: [music] after Toshiba but [music] so guys metal then wishes 1 2 with you and myself dry turn on 10 minutes audi thick layer [music]
  • 05:32: [music] [music] [music]
  • 06:17: [music] [music] now celebrate this layer last
  • 06:52: [music] above [music] [music]
  • 07:34: [music] now dries coloring with foam now around the edges this bachelorette in three layers with breaks Peter 10 minutes will consider [music]
  • 08:14: [music] [music]
  • 08:46: you will be mine [music] [music]
  • 09:18: I want this effect it turns out well and hard she applied the threads are desirable as fish with 3 layers these shiny paint things are n't from here visible bottles you can add them dye and it is not because of sadness and melancholy the plot of this pattern he 707 worry about it diluted Well, the varnish as usual dries quickly, you can invent a cape and show arina
  • 09:49: that here the devotee force will evaporate will remain foam and someone forward in the form of plastic is usually still a stock auditor this thing is so loud I even think in time it will be possible Here is such a play as Sal Khan if he bad collision gave back because and skim diameter there I want was on this is all guys subscribe to the channel put the likes you comments cottages