Gulnara Sharazykova

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  • 00:00: just making buds an hour they will supplement with greens
  • 00:33: [music] accidentally put kraz more brightness a now green i take yellow and me
  • 01:08: enough to take a cold yellow such like lemon at first it will be transitional the color is white to yellow to green sorry lots of solvents it yes easy to lay down and adding small amount of green pc to yellow can be warm to cold and even a little brown to color
  • 01:41: was slightly repaid and now several areas form leaves like would sepal even expressed from themselves petals from from themselves inflorescences oh
  • 02:11: florets reveal a lot of words here so form and create such paths lungs to create a diagonal sensation movement which i advance conceived the diagonal looks interesting if we have flowers mostly diagonal such a diagonal movement on the canvas i will do the other way in opposite diagonal movement
  • 02:41: leaves [music] [music]
  • 03:13: [music] every bar and some light masks
  • 03:59: yellow green chaotic order like sun rays can be initially on the background apply can be applied when we have canvas filled create that kind of play of light before
  • 04:45: overall plan is made I want to do so to my flower and finely dimple that he was a varietal primary and that he had an edge
  • 05:17: raspberry since i will have it be a compositional center I take a crimson such kraplak possible magenta color is the same and neat on our solvent in what we have written neatly this color with more solvent and now still the next layer layer by layer. waiting for
  • 06:01: petal which we had depicted i will be crooked the main thing is important that it be cool and [music]
  • 06:35: [music] once more kraplak if some feathering complex can use
  • 07:18: tassel more variety which the edges are dark that is, we first inflicted white and under white start
  • 07:50: make a darker flower flower scarlet I leave white
  • 08:44: and not a friend of some sites leave not shaded and contrasted because it more foreground but all movements almost watercolors kraplak pink solvent