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Part 1 Snud Snud-Kapyushon Hood Spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: in order to tie up such a snitch it is necessary to repulse not on quantity loops from centimeters of the size of the he is going to one says universal I see the size already third snore by different thread this is a snob was connected due to yarn of 200 meters in one hundred grams 2 uterus
  • 00:30: from the uterus left exactly half of one that is It took one and a half and added mohair wuyu thread if the footage indicated by 500 meters that mathcad is one- third and will remain also knitted snacks hood of alize lanagold without addition of mohair there was gaining more number of loops and
  • 01:00: less and the experts from this of yarn knitting with three knitting needles half this snore got involved here 5 spokes and as previous video told me that it is knitted here I see a circle in a circle tight so I take great specialists here the canvas already is disconnected ie knit not in a circular I
  • 01:31: took spokes number 4 and also fourth knitting needles already itself edging on centimeters the most optimal the size is so orientate neck 26-30 centimeters here where the head 33
  • 02:08: centimeter the most optimal option here 25 width of one half from neck to edge I want three centimeters show you how I am I will knit a snitch from alize lanagold yarn
  • 02:39: adding also a threads of mohair tried to take needles more more one moment to me it is more convenient to knit your neck with the inside should be typed odd number loops multiple of three since we have 1 front 2 purlins
  • 03:10: on my face I dialed hinge now I'm you I will show here too The workpiece is here recruited 100 loops brought to a close in the end 99 99 loops are produced with six knitting needles
  • 03:40: give us a width of 33 34 centimeter height from but up to 27 7 centimeters this I leave her tried on herself already very good looks like being formed on the neck the fold is very beautiful crochet with the wrong side when you tied the necessary
  • 04:10: quantity centimeters need Make Decrease Allowances I'm doing this way can a marker hang where we have the number of purl we bind them like they there is a front wall 2 facial together I apologize for
  • 04:44: front wall 2 facial purlins loop in the end we have it turns out if you knit 99 on 99 loops 66 after
  • 05:17: all the deductions you fulfilled the you get purl purl loops [music] and knit 3 centimeter is somewhere 5-7 rows to discounts these 5 7 rows also
  • 06:06: I will knit the sixth knitting needles since they also go around the main cap himself hood I will know already at 5 knitting needles data 6 spokes skirt room with comfortable unfortunately forgot how is what chinese chinese
  • 06:36: The firm offered store as a gift decided to try metal cable 5 spokes I like de best of course such snooper knit by a circle without a seam is very looks great like
  • 07:07: wear it young people wear mostly as a snore if it's very cold then can be thrown like once hood it's enough voluminous if the girl you will wear it then not much tribes is the volume hair to be warm given here on the yarn
  • 07:47: bindings with mohair mohair aliz with the addition of acrylic I do not remember how called well the yardage 500 meters hard was obtained after washing routine shampoo became soft not stretched out to wash I have a snap
  • 08:18: rinsed out in towel and put on the battery it dried up very quickly so finished knitting with decreases we will have a facial series we continue purl for the back the wall will need tie 5-7 rows in total three centimeter should be there any issues will arise from
  • 08:50: you specifically on number of loops I can answer write to you by mail in instagram comments can write 920 and climbed for a year which here dark grey I think she even Thinner thread than this is soft turned out for men, the color is very he's a little good
  • 09:20: swelled this could be knit on order mom and daughter moreover about
  • 09:59: lawyer very popular Decrease closes it is very easy here and on from this yarn to basis in this studio Decrease made small when dress him on head a little tip sticks out pretty sticks out at this study I will make more rounded hood
  • 10:30: on this occasion the color
  • 11:00: mohair sign super color color lamps got here here it turned out like melange