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  • 00:00: hi friends in today's video I'm I'll show you a little known soldering method aluminum recently on my car leaked oil gearbox cooling radiator on radiator tube formed thin switch which is almost not noticeable but it starts dripping out of it oil otherwise radiator purpose replacement its new original costs 16 thousand rubles and a duplicate radiator sell for 7 argon welding with tube replacement Moscow region is also not cheap
  • 00:31: occupation and no one is for 1000 rubles therefore will not do for repair there are two budget options available cold brazing or stucco in the interaction of aluminum with air it oxidizes immediately to its surface solid oxide is formed the film is therefore soldering and lumen difficult over words very much if you understand him ordinary soldering iron even if used special fluxes regularly it turns out this crap but it turns out for soldering aluminum
  • 01:01: sold solder solder it called hts 2000 and castolin 192 solder is zinc solid powder filled tube flux in the center flux you just need in order to dissolve this solid oxide film on aluminum surface soldering itself takes place at a temperature four hundred and eighty degrees and for it is necessary to use a gas burner find a solder also turned not easy for sale it in specialized stores which
  • 01:31: are engaged in copper pipes and repairs radiators I had to spend on This search takes several hours before managed to find a closer where it can be buy more sells on avito but the price tag there begins 200 rubles for the bar I bought solder on the construction market I phoned the store went and bought 4 full herbs of a bar for 90 rubles for a piece I ended up with 360 rubles specially cut into the tube a few grooves took a small torch and started learn to solder the first time happened
  • 02:02: bullshit the flames here their burners are narrow and not warms up the solder was going to ball but in the end I managed to learn and solder a few slots to do it when using small burners is difficult better to use g lq nozzle on the balloon she has a wide and allows you to warm up immediately area metal first we warm up the phone a little bringing solder and then we bring it, it immediately melts and quickly spreading fills the pass so the way you can solder not only the hole
  • 02:34: in aluminum but soldering together the sheet aluminum [music] [music] ration is obtained is not very durable
  • 03:11: breaks even if you put big efforts I could not break this stitch let's go pick up again first we heat it with a burner and further enough to touch solder and he immediately fill the entire pass [music] [music]
  • 03:53: now let 's go with two tubes see how fast it is together happens warming up the burner poked with solder and tubes immediately solder solder completely filled the seam in a circle but he didn’t got inside the tube and didn't score and and this soldering also turned out very durable break me too failed to bend myself aluminum but here the seam remains whole this
  • 04:23: solder is highly fluid and fills the grooves ensuring full tightness of the seam radiator to me the same no problem managed to solder but how see the tube has a big carrousel and uneven in diameter therefore rather altogether it will flow elsewhere and in In this case, my repair is temporarily there will be better to replace the tube the whole method of soldering aluminum turned out to be fully working he didn’t have a budget and allows you to solder the tubes and strips and aluminum provides high adhesion
  • 04:54: tightness and strength of the seam this method often used in car repair shops for the repair of aluminum parts but with In this they do not specify how they repaired and take from customers the full cost of the work argon welding put like if not We were aware of this method of aluminum soldering and the address of the stores where I managed to find and buy this solder will be in the description video and as I said it can still sell in construction markets in stores that sell copper tubes and radiators, and today this is all
  • 05:24: thanks for watching and bye bye [music] [music]