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  • 00:00: and hello dear friends today they are quite ordinary videos today i am you I will show you not how to make snacks polymer clay how to do me such round goals steps that we are with you We usually meet on the sea and on the beach from it is very interesting to me
  • 00:30: bracelets and pendants on the neck and today I I will make marble granite and Penza for making stones we need polymer clay with the effect of stone and clay fimo is marble in at number 0 03 and granite number 803 from the company there is a series called Gronitex and there are a lot of options, a lot more I leave a link to the video you can
  • 01:01: see these are options as I will use the film company today and she has only two options with imitation stones i will mix these colors in other shades of clay for example brown beige white translucent white and i take silver metallic you can even take pink blue and green shades such colors need to add quite a bit a little bit just to give light
  • 01:32: shade of stones and so for a start we take the lightest color of marble it us will be the basis for all the rest marble film stones are very interesting color and it is white + translucent plus black and white blotches black not shiny and white with sparkles and there have and matte weight sequin to this light color and we will hang other shades of clay cut into several
  • 02:04: pieces of the desired size can be made both small and large pebbles one piece set aside this our first pebble color is marble my pebbles today in natural sulfur brown shades and the first shade i add beige add quite a little bit and stirred uniform color if the colors are little you can always
  • 02:34: add more I add there a little bit gray granite is also very interesting there is a lot of black clay color particles and silver sparkles they are all placed in gray clay when adding gray granite to me it turns out more of these particles and in my beige stones appear a lot such black blotches finally mash in a uniform color and here is our second pebble ready 3 pebble let
  • 03:05: will be from pure gray granite there i am I will not mix anything next the stone will be from our light marble base plus dark brown + gray granite and it turns out so nicely gray brown color is very natural looks like the next stone is silver metallic we insert it in the middle we stretch the plate of white marble Artem and again we stack each other
  • 03:37: so we do until we like the thickness of the vein dwell on this and form pebble mugs can be made from the remnants of all previous clay colors we are not going anywhere throwing away all this can be mixed in we mix up the rest but one color not until the end in order to remain strips and Divorces such interesting streaks in Kama
  • 04:07: very interesting stones are obtained if colorful pieces do not knead and cut into a blade and then mix hands after pressed attack pieces if they are not kneaded and just squeeze get 3 sharp stone without streaks You can also add glitter and yourself if you find black and brown glitter is simple wonderful they are sold in stores
  • 04:38: for art or nail shops for nail art when adding sparkles to stone naturally sparkle here is also important glitter need to quite a bit again between his mane is not until the end to leave clear stripes and naked in stone is very desirable to add a gentle and translucent grades of clay also stirs me completely to transparent stripes turned out after
  • 05:09: roasting generally take different proportions translucent white beige adds marble granite or sparkles also do not forget about metal shades of clay and we get very interesting variations of stones are not colors must be chaotic and uneven we rip cut and mix some pebbles can be made porous and for this we use salt and
  • 05:40: sugar technology for very large holes in stones we use large sea salt from a regular store for the pumice effect take fine salt for medium holes take sugar postpone some smooth of the most beautiful stones in we will not roll them aside the rest can be rolled at will in any salt or saty salt and sugar need good to press into the surface but not
  • 06:11: put her inside the pancakes otherwise she is so and stay inside and water we go the same wash off we can not need coarse salt down your finger since she herself does not stick wedges too large pieces obey also measure indentation of coarse salt need only 5 or 10 pieces otherwise it will look very porous ugly can also be combined any salt coarse with fine
  • 06:42: small ss large and add sugar there mix them up at will the next stage is the formation of a stone that is, you need to give it a final and before baking after salt and of course do we need to wash our hands and first we forming naked and not sick and pebbles then only salt pebbles make an oval and cakes or balls and then you need a little break their perfect shape and somewhere
  • 07:13: take somewhere should pull get such a natural stone not quite round but not quite oval such a natural beautiful asymmetric forms next we make a hole in the stones if we will do after that of them jewelry such as a bracelet for this take a toothpick or thick awls thick needle and twisting so cooler your movement we make holes with 1
  • 07:45: first on one side and then on the other parties so that we do not have such torn edge around the hole well and Of course you need to bake our pebbles in bake them for 30 minutes at temperature one hundred ten or one hundred thirty degrees depending on manufacturer of your pancakes fimo baked at 110 degrees as in my case, after baking, you need rinse well with water in order
  • 08:18: make you a little all our salt 3 bets especially you need to wash off the coarse salt well so and it is washed off longer than fine and need to glance as we have turned the result is that all the salt would be small varnish is better not to cover products but if you really want to cover it can be covered smooth pebbles that we do not roll salt and here is the result of our efforts pebbles shiky goals from the beach and the
  • 08:48: the beautiful thing you can do it of course bracelets collect them on a special gum and on elastic fishing line to cover your wrists with pebbles look good metal fittings for example bead holders or metal charm and metal stones gives a more interesting and expensive look if you like my lesson necessarily comment and subscribe for new
  • 09:20: video You can also leave your comments. and wishes for new workshops on forum on my channel I will definitely them read and can be made master class for your request Creative you success and all bye bye