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  • 00:00: hi friends in this video i will show you how does such a dress fit with such zigzag pattern like this he get a visa such leaflets performed by you the dress is very simple knitting principle the same only to the bottom will be a shame settle down such waves stenki sleeves we there will be a back plank here and scare to baby head
  • 00:35: dressed easy so then let's get started means that we need to choose a thread in my acrylic average size they are thin not too thin not too tight medium sized and well depends on your density of your yarn depends on what size those topics will be thicker there is to those will you father more
  • 01:07: let's now pick up the air loop and one hundred and three air loops chains four five six and so on dial 103 knotted 103 air loops now for us will need fraternity 3 off the hook knit with one double crochet next to the next loop do the same
  • 01:43: single crochet and just next to the next column and again in this column here that we have each a column of air loops here this chain
  • 02:19: in each of the it language language will be knit one by one with one nakida and so now knit to the end the whole chain with single crochets Now they finish the second row we will knit 3 air loops for lift 23 and now between in between
  • 02:50: the post will be on the air loop then there are four and now here starting not in first and second and in the third here we have the most 1 2 3 in it we knit 1 double crochet body knotted two air loops and
  • 03:20: immediately knit the second loop double crochet I apologize for not being the same so it was the first our first such window such we need to be now knit 24 pieces that is doing air loop skip 1 2 and 3
  • 03:50: we also put two overs air loops and now repeat not in same in the next second column with nakidom here we got 2 kitty now you need an air loop path and
  • 04:20: moving on again skipping 1 2 knit the air loops and in the third here are 1 2 3 capes two air loops and this side by side adjacent loop 2 single crochet
  • 04:54: move on to the next kitty again between them the air loop is looking for the first second third loop and do a cape 2 air loops and side slings 2 again air loop to go to the next
  • 05:27: window so what we get means here we are knit with you 1234 window between these arches at the end of a round of 2 air loops when going between these two points yes we have air loop so need continue thus repeating the same to the end the very action you should have
  • 05:57: twenty four windows here I am attaching the blue thread now I make 3 air loops 1 2 3 and again between them is one air loop that is four and now I find the first window 1 arch loot and there I will write two columns with one slip 1
  • 06:29: nakid and the second now doing 2 again air loops and in the same arch and again 2 single crochet 1 2 Here we have these arches
  • 06:59: we will now be gradually expand expand now do one air loop and again the next arch do two columns with one single crochet 125 between them are two air loops and in same arch 2 columns with one single cover 1 and 2
  • 07:33: between them is one air loop when transition the next arch and again 2 loops 2 nakida between them are two air loops in the same archway and again two nakida 1 and 2 again air loop and so on here
  • 08:07: what do we get that is in each previous arch that we did which was 24 there we will knit here such columns with 2 double crochets in this arch between them is two air loops and again in the same arch 2 columns with one nakida in the transition to the second next arch with us and that alone
  • 08:37: air loop and so will knit until the end of the series knit by myself here we are here is so beautiful the border we get something like a border so here we have reached the end now last tied up and will need to knit 1 air loop at the end and here in the little corner here this knit a double crochet here
  • 09:07: finished fluorine third row now we do one two three four air loops as always turn and in these pens will now need to do the same thing is not two columns with sc 3 and here is one still to the same 2 here same 3 between them again two air
  • 09:44: loops and then without change and here again frying 1 2 3 and then we do a perry loop Crossing and also heading for 2 arches 1 2 3