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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends, how are you? probably guess this is the final the release of the program is confirmed in this 2018 and decided to devote my New Year's theme as you probably already guessed here by this Christmas tree you us sent a lot of different life hacking on New Year's theme but what they all either very similar or some too trivial cut type snowflake from paper well whom he is friends it is clear to everyone that if a piece of paper is folded 4 times cut goes about get a snowflake so we decided to select the most
  • 00:31: interesting that we would really kayfovo check on this we begin our pre-new year check [music] Ideally for the first lifehack Christmas tree toy glass and fully transparent without any drawings but find glass ball miss drawing extremely problematic they are either transparent but plastic either they painted in general we could not find how many shops would we go round
  • 01:01: alive like very interesting so we came up with his alternative so it can be submitted as a budget option like homemade for the new year so now try it all the same implement and here we will need glass bottle as much as possible some an unusual form of this for example here is a pear-shaped and maybe out of it something interesting happens budget economy class Christmas toy but before that it should be
  • 01:32: and decorate in the same way from life hack take our bottle and take wax pencils and break off there several colorful pieces next we need to heat the bottle in Ideally, a glass ball is taken and heats up with a building dryer but the ball we not found and no hair dryer in the building Therefore, all of the tin will heat the gas The main thing is to not break anything so gradually wake up
  • 02:05: warm up and hope that to good gradually begin to melt our wax pencils and create some wall decoration bottles [music] while the bottle cools let's do hole in the lid so that it was as close as possible to
  • 02:36: Christmas tree toy and now produce undocking in my opinion came out very even cool such a handmade not very Of course it can be aesthetically pleasing but looking what style is your christmas tree if it's none not there beautiful expensive toys really made the whole tree in such homemade style some kind of fir trees from the paper will fit in quite well general concept if you decide to repeat it in the same way the way we do on gas then don't forget that it is very dangerous because glass
  • 03:07: heats up she can simply burst it with us even started twist a little bit and we became strain but in the end everything turned out cool for this life hack perfect for service workers who are engaged in the decoration of urban Christmas tree for the new year You can estimate how to spend tree toy with the author's design well and by itself the cost of rubles food two thousands who make us by the way about money You have already prepared gifts for relatives and
  • 03:37: personally for the new year personally, I already took care who prepared but I there were some the complexity of my wife asked for a new hair dryer I kind of do not extinguish the hair, so I the walls don't understand i know what it is such a thing that radiates air I understand what they are what elevator nozzles and all that, but I had to get out Well, so I climbed to look for proven places it turned out that there are all sorts different capacities nozzles and not zation some very quickly all its parameters so that everything was there
  • 04:09: found an option and began to read reviews because the reviews are sure to distinguish girls they will say that there is hair to eat that the hair is wet from what dandruff is from which i am not at all the price appears dandruff or not I don't know that in general read all the reviews compared there are several models in total on one particular was determined well and found shop lowest price Well, in the end, I picked up hopefully good hair dryer and the most important thing is that favorable price and the next he is a very interesting life hacking
  • 04:39: also connected with the new year and it is from the buffer in it we will check how to do artificial snow is not exactly checking repeat and check because in it we compare how much snow Let's compare this for the price and check if it works we do not repeat and it is check and also find out is it profitable or not or what ways profitable the very first thing we take so let's say professional means
  • 05:09: artificial snow which are bought in a store in such a can see how much of this snow will be in volume and what quality will he become and 250 milliliters went to watch how much snow that's all this is all there is of it large balloon frankly I
  • 05:45: dissatisfied with the ball completely new him nobody started this new balloon out the store is wildly small and it is the quality itself I do not like strange snow scatter in different directions myself all in this garbage at this stage I already seems ready to deliver If that extra plus other means but let's see what the snow will be there too what volumes but this thing is no longer for me like go to the making
  • 06:15: life hack vova snow from shaving foam and From the soda first need to take a can of back and foam up how much possible life hacking says that what some amount of some kind of foam soda volume no exact calculations are given so what are we going to do all by eye Foam much more with that there probably even a little so now here we need to add soda
  • 06:45: take and just on top of the foam pour no reaction occurs and try to mix this laughter fork and I'm disturbing the snow . snowball process is not prepared a bit strange but at the same time interesting and it reminds me of whipped cream here combined with a fork and foam it seems like it is whipped cream Sasha wants to eat on sniffing
  • 07:15: understand that what is shaving foam you need to pour soda there because no semblance of snow is visible then we will pour more super that's what what foam you need like a bit of soda here need a lot of mixed long enough and diligently and look at the result is really obtained something like snow of course foam decreases in volume as a result that is, we
  • 07:46: nothing was removed from here she sank down with soda like that The consistency is quite similar. shaving foam nice pretty in comparing with what we had from store and look now what else color for generally the quality of that snow and then that he was through his back Tell me what you have more from this like snow here in this bowl me some cottage cheese or curd no difference in any case a little snow similar and the same white snow straight
  • 08:18: snow white compared with that and more still reminds exactly snow and in end up in our cups the same volume snow but from the balloon with foam came out completely a little bit of foam unlike the whole there Balashov it would seem everything is obvious but it's not all because we have the third challenger is soap Here is the most soap and not simple and frozen apparently so that she crumbled better because we will him sit on a grater so proceed
  • 08:48: and we will see what kind of snow comes out of frozen was half a piece can erased let's see what happens no, I didn't say anything has changed a lot in the role of freezing soap because we have soap in one of video rubbed I think you yourself know in what kind and there was something similar only a different color is not white although if take a closer look Well, yes it is more like snow
  • 09:18: because there were sausages and here just such shavings to rubbed all soap until the end and we have turned approximately the same volume as in the previous two ways and now we go to the cost of how much each of these methods a piece of soap cost us 15 rubles professional so let's say means from store 100 rubles and it was at a discount and shaving foam and soda foam 50 rubles soda 25 and that 75 rubles but if case with soap and professional
  • 09:48: all the material went with us soap and all erased spray can professional tools too released the one with the foam we used literally a small part and soda too all used therefore from the full cans of foam from the whole pack of courts get much more snow and how I spoke in color, too, this is more reminds snow exactly such as snow white snow single minus which we already notice with over time, this snow is still in sedavit that is, it becomes a little less but
  • 10:21: again from that volume what we have in this balloon can probably make almost a whole bucket snow and even when he sits down his conclusions do what you like best can use any but we still We prefer this one snow from foam and soda [music] but sin my though we try make pneumatic tap from an ordinary syringe because there is the question is whether such a clapper will work and
  • 10:53: will it have as much effect on how the real ones took the biggest syringe that was in the pharmacy 60 cubes and from it to us it is necessary to cut off this one Well, I will do it as usual my favorite knife link to which like always in the description if suddenly someone dick himself interested here this yes how I love this nose on such a safe
  • 11:23: cool cut so cut now here got such a huge hole in which we now sleep for example homemade candy I took just often cut the pieces from the rains that hang across the apartment cut some color pieces of paper that is, everything is pretty budget now take the food film and tighten several layers and purely theoretically flapper ready her left only experience yes yes cool super class
  • 11:54: slamming is great the main thing is that she reusable main thing that you can go there just cut colored paper then i make budget confetti slice it there is even more than that I did in general flapper really test friends responsible moment final video of this year I want to congratulate you all on New Year wish you all the most awesome to all the best that was eighteenth year went with you 19 and so
  • 12:26: Further, all the bad remains just to all you had was super friends and all of you love a little bit of regret that barely reached 400 thousand a little bit but we still are happy the numbers that appeared this year we excited about this productive water he was she is very cool guys we love you all we congratulate you all happy new year cheers Hanging the oven I would want to give a little bit not
  • 12:56: reached out