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  • 00:00: Good day on the channel dachnitsa hostess today I want to share with you a recipe Korean carrots in the street already winter ahead of the holidays and since there is no longer fresh homemade tomato vegetables cucumber shops and of course do not have of flavor and taste, we are already moving to such autumn salads vinaigrette sauerkraut carrot in Korean canned cucumbers open and decided to share with you
  • 00:30: recipe exactly how do i make a carrot by korean here i have a kilo of carrot I washed it and cleaned it of course it is advisable to choose a larger one so it was convenient to rub it on here such here terrochku and do not rub your fingers will need seasoning for carrots in Korean with seasoning red pepper black pepper and garlic nutmeg basil measles coriander sugar and salt itself
  • 01:02: by myself I will still add salt so need a prescription still need vinegar I have 100 sunflower oil here milliliters a little less than half a cup glass with a capacity of 250 milliliters need a kilo of carrots like that here is the average bulb is not small and I still took 5 cloves of garlic we love that so sharp little garlic I take more you already look maybe you
  • 01:34: you can take and smaller as you like and still need sugar first you need to rub the carrot carrot better rub here is such a wide dish to it lay more thinly and if you want the salt shaker to get long mean have a carrot and so here parallel grater see how long it turns out straw if you do not need such a long
  • 02:04: you can have a carrot like this at an angle and the salt shaker will be shorter i love when the salt shaker is such a poor carrot scroll Sasha will be easier not to all the time on the one hand that's what remains from the carrot I will already be cut
  • 02:34: a knife on such a thin straw and Of course you need to clean from time to time Terochka because sometimes it gets clogged carrot ready see how long beautiful salt cellars of course fail all long salt shaker rub as carrot is erased and turns and shorter add here a teaspoon of salt with a little hill and a little carrot before him
  • 03:06: so she put salt juice and add teaspoon just because back in seasoning eat salt so as not to over-salt carrot better then add to taste so here is a little bit and and even by Jacquet if you have more utensils than I will be even better because you see not enough space for
  • 03:36: carrot program and still wanted you say for seasoning There are such packages on which it is indicated how many pounds of carrots is the whole packing on the other neck is and not write how many need carrots on this bag so add seasoning to taste and so leave the carrot in let alone fail
  • 04:07: if she juicy will put the juice you need I will be drained and I 'll do it now chop onion randomly in the carrot it is not necessary just need fry in sunflower oil so he gave away his scent I already poured sunflower oil on put the pan on the fire and now it will heat up and throw the ceiling bow fried until golden brown is not necessary make him roast well because
  • 04:39: oil will be bitter and the aroma will be so know how burnt pangs a little juice I was merged it is clear that the carrot juicy glitters add here a teaspoon of sugar sugar is also not hurry to add it immediately carrot itself sweet and add two tablespoons of seasoning you look your liking if you don't
  • 05:09: love such a good carrot stream means seasoning add one full of mountain spoon then try better add here a tablespoon of vinegar so you know there are legs different well I I choose I have such a deep spoon I picked up a spoonful of vinegar colors I burned onions and now through sieve pour hot oil on
  • 05:40: seasoning on carrot try to onion I did not get the merit of course I do not throw away then I still use it another dish all this now needs to be mixed well hot oil immediately smells like seasoning stir by grace that the seasoning be
  • 06:15: across morkovochki to disperse you just need to stop it here now you can add garlic and again stir is added already after oil because if it as fact hot oil will change color or will turn green or turn blue differently he sometimes i go here i have 5 cloves garlic little teeth I chose
  • 06:45: such mean and now everything is good stir garlic I allocated through press now when fully mixed up you can try the carrot when completely sold round seasoning garlic just now you need to try I already tried carrot turned out very tasty and you know just fine he is a teaspoon of sugar and salt and then
  • 07:16: two spoons seasoning is obtained carrot such and spicy and sugar and salt just in just right so that 's about all so quick and easy now the carrots need stand or fold it into some kind dishes under the lid or tighten the film it is already at your convenience need her to stand in a cool place Brew carrot soaked with all spices and will be ready to eat
  • 07:49: this recipe that you just showed per kilogram already grated carrots if you don't want these carrot remains which remain not rubbed to cut a knife you can just eat it means take a little more in the carrot there or kilo hundred kilo two hundred to you It turned out just a kilogram on carrots cook carrots treat your friends and loved ones cooking with holiday and on this I say goodbye to you
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