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COLD PORCELAIN on the basis of soda \/ WITHOUT GLUE\/.  See details »

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  • 00:00: welcome everyone on my channel or rather in my kitchen today we will cook mix into the courtyard at the soda cell base porcelain very interesting mixture which includes theater is not the form of ent soda water and multiple preferably corn starch you say what can be done with such with such a mixture
  • 00:31: I 'll show you all here you like such a heart it is made from this creating a mixture you can even touch write marker postcards look how cute it isn't peace if you like then let's get down to work join we will cook our the mixture and so we need 200 grams
  • 01:02: soda 150 miles and water and 100 grams corn starch is better to take corn starch because of potato starch mix is ​​obtained greyish and not so elastic mixing all the starch in good soda we add little by little water and mix we got such a homogeneous
  • 01:36: mass turn gas on you little fire and start cooking I'll tell you exactly how many minutes it is. will take and so it took a half minutes from
  • 02:09: the moment we turned you on to see and starts to bubble and thickens now you need to knead well see he is already starting on top he is still wet and the bottom is already well behind the pan
  • 02:39: everything i turn off you is very important not so dry in our procedure took two and a half minutes see everything what is the main thing not to overdry
  • 03:14: and lay it on the table and so we start kneading and and how to start knead check your hands are completely dry and the table is also still a little bit of hot water when i do this mix she reminds me of snow she kind of soda overflows
  • 03:46: glitters just like snow in frosty weather Look, we just started kneading it she is ready to turn yours the attention is soft here look leaves our if you but she won't throw tea like cold china with glue you see she seems to be breaking
  • 04:16: you can start to sculpt as soon as it will cool to keep the mixture needed polyethylene not in the fridge preferably not more two weeks starts to become wet even appear small blotches mold it means you need to throw it away and the very first sign that no longer
  • 04:50: cell mixture is good you know which one i have I open the film and it smells Cornflakes means products we get no snow white anymore yellowish here she see breaks no stretches but beautiful but look how is she molded what we that we want to mold already show you dude molded and inspect
  • 05:23: how finely molded you see almost to transparent everything our mix is ​​ready only once again draw your attention is smooth soft but she is not it stretches like this
  • 05:54: does not mean that it is inelastic this is a very good mixture so let's let's summarize our mix in finished products we can color everything we have on hand gouache acrylic oil watercolor pastel varnish for nails
  • 06:25: all-all-all just not abuse with water under if she is a little slightly under could give dry again just cooked our mixture we she was well wrapped in cellophane on one hour may be hot it goes reaction in her nothing scary so it should be