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  • 00:00: or the food we have with you
  • 20:26: will here mean a in the middle of our back from it turns out here 23 I have a loop here 27 loops are obtained by and now we are you will be tying gore as I enter crotch gusset i first in advance crotch width I type on
  • 20:56: additional spoke I'm here 6 loops I'll be do once two three 4 5 6 why me additionally thread draw because I have to This is then plate and I do not would have to be sewn up make a seam and already now I continue our I work these bows 6th
  • 21:27: I bring to work 1 2 3 4 5 6 This is ours with you gusset and already me I close in a circle in the croup I will transfer several
  • 21:58: tellek then I I will do the same quantity on each spoke to make it more convenient was to knit like this transferred so I connect the school virus pizza you can of course, continue knit fishing line that is like you more convenient and I can already see how according to the drawing, here I am
  • 22:30: I pass first streets then i I continue to knit our that the Mink that is, so I will bind circle and I will be still
  • 23:01: one row and already through one row we are with you we will decrease along and our article licked one more row here is what I get it hip loops here I specially marked marked loops gores now we are with you will be her we bind it we will how to tie will do after one row as long as these six loops per second
  • 23:33: you all will not go away I'm looping through the picture reached token we need words will reduce two we subtract the loops one crotch loop and one loop that us with you according to the drawing I have here facial means The next will be with us with you are tied up purl loop I tied up in the village sti
  • 24:06: so as not to forget