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  • 00:00: Good day dear needlewomen in this video I will show ways to knit a smooth gum turning rows as it turned out in my previous video I filmed far away and not everyone can see what am I there I am asking, I beg you treat with understanding this is my first video so thank you so much for your criticism and work on the bugs and so
  • 00:30: let's connect with you exactly natural gum questions on which most often arise just when knitting turning rows as always, I have prepared samples these samples are already connected if possible so say correctly i have gum Looks neat and we'll start with you this green sample for so that the gum turns even knit need the classic way and in this I knit green samples the classic way purl loops
  • 01:00: that is, here we take a sample remove the first edge loop is now the front of the plant in needle loop for the front wall of provyazyvaem clings and how we do it usually grandma way almost all knit facial loops more often just at least purl already also knit for the front wall but we wrap the thread like this 1 more facial as usual and purl here and for the front wall and hooks
  • 01:35: we need to wrap the thread not as we usually do so top down granny in a way and from top to bottom I'm for this a bit helping myself with the left index finger hands let's get some more knit for front wall with my fingers I pull up the thread and enter the loop the front and the back here so hope clearly visible facial purse so to
  • 02:09: knit the sample to the end already a number of gum it turns out so smoothly and yet not ultimate dream we will have a second sample I will show how I can do it more smoothly so it turns out smoother On the following sample I will show how in this look i still have a little bit like
  • 02:40: broken loop tension and in some places you may notice that the loop is all the same It does not lie exactly exactly then let's say left here here here here here it can be seen that here she mows a little this side along these loops here a little bit right here left that is In principle, of course, much is obtained neater than with grandma's ways knitting it is generally not suitable for knitting gum in turning rows
  • 03:10: but when the purl is tied classic nevertheless already looks quite acceptable but there is even more on my opinion is a good way here is the second I have a beige sample he just connected in a classic way and facial and purl so knits my mother-in-law and here honestly say smoother gum in life I have not seen my own yet of course very it is important to keep track of the loop tension then loops will be all as one see
  • 03:42: how much this gum turns out to be that is, in the past I will show you again periodically see what happens slight as a loop offset in this all loops like 1 how are we gonna do them knit these loops so 1 edge as always we shoot further facial loop here we are tying her for front wall but if my grandma's thread from bottom to top from top to bottom
  • 04:14: here by analogy past purl pick up the thread from the bottom and tighten it at Well purl knit for the back Now we introduce the photo back like this here's a needle now helping a little finger and pull the thread in the loop another 1 face I knit the loop over the front wall
  • 04:47: I enter the needle I hook the thread from the bottom up and put it in the purl loop a back upside down thread go into a loop that's so interesting the way you can experiment with how take up some loose thread and wrapped up so someone holds for others
  • 05:19: someone knits your fingers more often what did you knit at a distance finger and compressed my club mother-in-law knits, I usually well, stronger pressing than pick up so that you have were the same tension often that the facial and purl knit is associated with different tension is usually purl loops tighten less and they so little dangle so
  • 05:51: neatness leisure knitting generally reassures as a rule and so here you have my right hand let's say when knitting the face strongly move you can tune out so there will be a loop literally there in two or three movements, but I see it like this got used to it as a result it turns out gum Here is such exactly close to the ideal
  • 06:25: Well, since the topic has gone about gum and ducts captures the loop I want show another gum which to me really like of course i want to the next with her to share that is past video on it was also here, as it were, in the topic such cone facial and purl loops knit exactly the same as in the past way that is classic way but at the same time the loop itself clings to the uncomfortable side of us and
  • 06:57: twist that is for the left walls to remind about the left right in wall let's just say look here we have a thread from the first loop went, went, went, and here on the back the wall of the skis that is this back wall we have the right next thread went to the next loop front wall will be left knitting in the classic way wrong side as in the first way here I
  • 07:28: Lego showed you the second as rt mother-in-law and facial and purl classically knit everywhere loop for the right wall here we will vice versa knit gulf in this way twisting the loop so 1 us purl I pick it up by the left wall and I am knitting in the classical way with this one this loop i pull up so that it
  • 07:58: so stretched a little facial knit for the left which is here here are the rear grab picks up the thread and draw out the loop itself at a distance we pull out about everything time will be the same here behind the front back front to front back to back
  • 08:28: trailer in general this gum is obtained I have such a less dense due to that we smoldered so loops we pull out here if not draws about juice be compressed a little bit here and if you pull it get a spikelet on knit until the end will throw mid way so y I have here the last loop and see
  • 09:01: but still wanted to say and let's say yarn I knitted those patterns I don’t remember which one then the usual yarn acrylic some and now in my hands baby wool liza so on baby wool eliza let's say this the pigtail lies very so well and nice shimmers a little here here are the spikelets stand out well on that dim acrylic so this drawing will not lie here there is if you want to use such
  • 09:33: Then select a picture accordingly. yarn more smooth more silky you can gleam a little bit in everything to the drawing itself still played so summarize two method of knitting a smooth elastic band in turning rows I showed you there is definitely knit classic purl loop and if desired Of course I advise you to knit This is the way to try at least 1 because well
  • 10:05: somehow the tension on it is easier so regulate and it turns on really gum is much smoother Looks neater as such fun app third way with twisted loops very cute rezinochka love her and all I want somehow somewhere to use it but for girls rarely see and until I had to make such a video on this topic i finish the gum thank you great girls again for your
  • 10:37: comments for your comment i will all quietly consider doing hope your videos are getting better and better thanks for attention good luck knitting and new meetings