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  • 00:00: what beauty gentle soft airy Now let's try this cool hello to you all on tatyana's channel dear viewers followers of my channel today's video decided with you share very interesting fast recipe yeast dough dough liquid viscous but products made of it are very soft
  • 00:32: air tender will be pies today with potatoes and so let's start them dough preparation need flour 1 sifted 850 grams for a couple flour, too, once sifted one hundred grams for a couple you need 100 milliliters warm water dry yeast in this case 11 grams if you use fresh yeast
  • 01:02: Pressed use approximately 33 grams and so for poly we need a teaspoon of sugar for the dough too teaspoon sugar floor teaspoon salt the potatoes are for the filling will do mash to start make a brew for this I took a deep dry bowl poured into her warm water boiled warm water I fall asleep yeast sugar and hand do not forget
  • 01:35: sifting flour is very important and good All knead the dough you need to shovel to activate yeast if fresh yeast they are activated in just 5-10 minutes of course if your house is warm while yeast is activated I will stuffing
  • 02:06: I cleaned one small onion took 6 medium sized potatoes too and at least from the body now boil potato salted water It took 10-15 minutes as the risen dough see yeast activated continue I knead the dough for me here the countess is 500 milliliters warm boiled water pour water into the brew add salt
  • 02:36: sugar and portions of flour in three reception here and knead the dough with a spatula should end up with viscous sticky it's okay because we cook liquid yeast dough and so dough i kneaded turned out viscous as spoke
  • 03:07: now take the lid cover the bowl with dough and put in a warm place at 30 40 minutes at least once in these 30 40 minutes you should replace the dough spatula and then you can work with him for 40 minutes look at what a beautiful dough we have happened airy fluffy viscous what we do with it Then I scored in a bowl
  • 03:38: sunflower oil as it is viscous with it will be hard for him to work here I take the oils like this I dipped in butter and dump the dough on rug as we see today we will work without a rolling pin dough and hands I smeared butter look what a beautiful soft airy dough Now with the help of hands we divide it into
  • 04:10: portion portions are such gel should not happen more than 20 of these kolobochkov as the filling for the pies will be potato I boiled the potatoes in salted water cooked one separately in a pan a big onion made a pirate added onion and it turned out the filling is warm can make pies
  • 04:41: take a separate piece of dough like this hands fingers mash it attach his rounded shape in the center of the patty of the future put the stuffing one tablespoon here so now one end of the dough we stretch we cover potatoes edges we press well like this the second end
  • 05:12: take off and cover it turns out a pie like that we do with everything the rest of the dough at this time you should already be on the stove pan or a stewpan or what have you prepared there with a thick bottom dishes should be pour the oil in a thick bottom oil not less than 300 milliliters per red-hot butter send roast
  • 05:44: our patties on medium heat to golden color on each side three minutes literally in an hour we are with you cooked this amount yummy 20 pies on our table You can feed a large group I I definitely recommend that you do this the dough is very light as we even see didn't use a rolling pin quickly done pies
  • 06:16: ate and everything is good cook the cakes you will like them by the way stuffing can for any pies I also made a switch and so I'm showing you what beauty gentle soft air now try thats cool like everybody promise like my recipe like me
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