Elena Polozova

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  • 00:00: hello today will cook fish by Greek means for this we need it ourselves fish accordingly us a pair can use any fillet fish vegetable oil mayonnaise salt a couple of tomatoes in the middle of such green-log pair of heads
  • 00:30: a couple of bulbs there we'll see maybe one will need things three cloves garlic pepper a couple of it and cheese let's cut into rings fry it until golden state fry cooked cut fish
  • 01:17: father and bits in many recipes fish pre fry you me not fried fish because the fat has the oils were like the taste will change it turns out all the same slightly salt pepper to taste we turn on the oven for 180 degrees
  • 02:04: chop tomatoes with round slices you can cut an egg along need droplets grate cheese on a large grater grater rub cheese cut greens and
  • 02:34: prepare the sauce for the sauce to us need mayo mayo that's garlic which we rubbed and about half the greens that you cut the second half we sprinkle after how to cook and lay out the fish
  • 03:25: put an egg on top tomatoes turned out to be big you so cut in half stacked Tomatoes on top of eggs top lay onions fried
  • 04:07: sauce our and fall asleep cheese now the oven for 30 minutes here it is a fish
  • 04:40: in Greek cook very tasty bon appetit