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  • 00:00: why does the book need the brain brain like everyone else needs food only when the body eats something it is material things and can be fed information that comes from perfect world that is, it does not consist of proteins of fat and carbohydrate book is such a food one of the best
  • 00:32: what is the key alternative book for brain now in the near future internet or direct download technology 25 frames if at all such an alternative 25 frame this kitchen talk is not related to has no life and as for the rest the things you listed, they are not are an alternative because strictly saying all the same you read paper book or it went like that written on silk or papyrus or internet but type
  • 01:04: processes that occur when you read electronic things other but for example, I recently just the day before yesterday learned from very large children's ophthalmologist what if before children came who were given in the eye during time to sort things out in the yard now there are no children and come massively children with myopia
  • 01:34: this is myopia caused by the fact that they around the clock looking at different gadgets tablets phones and so on and this other work not only brain but also eyes why do people and humanity need a book in the information age tsunami book you mean why a person needs a traditional book can be a lot of people that she is not in all it is necessary but as I could it is important to me holding a book i use to
  • 02:09: unfortunately large quantities electronic media i mean i I spend a lot of time on the computer day and because just such a world I'm not going anywhere in the computer I'm I read scientific articles in computers and so etc. but I never would never read blog a or brodsky in computer if suddenly this comes i I 'll go give up the doctor, I decide that I got off soum
  • 02:41: because it is a completely different occupation This is not scooping information and this exquisite elegant work but this difference is can be considered an album with cheap reproductions can go to the Hermitage or in the truth and watch the originals here choose and the brain replaces the book as unnecessary atavism or here's a decrease in the number readers still have another reason maybe absolutely nothing to do with it
  • 03:12: and the total fall culture on the planet that's what is being that everyone agrees on a fast food place good chef that is if we agree to do stupid things popcorn and turn into a herd then all okay could be for the book tool and incentive
  • 03:42: neurogenesis or the emergence of new neurons are only possible situations practical new experience with nothing the brain faces absolutely everything like good and bad affects neurogenesis new neural connections formed every second here we are now we talk and like you and me quite a lot of things have already bent a it also formed just a life brain so another question looks like what
  • 04:13: connections we want to form these are complex associative connections the man who read a lot saw thought much drank various drinks listened different music including the sound of the surf and then he has a field on which associations are broad big and rich and if he only looks at such a window or in such a window if he has
  • 04:44: then the phone is bigger offended then he will have some brain bad brain and the only thing the brain is not it can not learn this is exactly what he does not knows how to learn he learns all the time but just depends on what he slip for teaching him slip high class food so skype or low class
  • 05:14: will the brain be able to rest the brain while reading books or reading this workload if this reading is not the eyes and the brain because we know what but i think everybody saw it if u you have some problems for example you something worried but you read it can read a few pages at the same time both of these turn over that is with your eyes you read them but with your brain you are not gone and under torture you will not say anything
  • 05:44: plot that is, it was just that mechanical text scan well just like any apparatus just eyes and in this case brain in general for another to work that is it is a profanation here and if it is present reading then I don't know what to call it whether work is rest, that is, if we read wonderful books that vacation summer i'm not sure i'm not at all
  • 06:16: well understand this kind of rest I'm not sure that the brain knows what it is rest because it is a change of occupation do you understand what this holiday is mast work certainly not formally an arrangement that when i listen to music then it’s like a rest catching what is this vacation maybe this is much more difficult work rather than a solution to any math problem I fully admit
  • 06:47: such a thing depends on how to listen and and what do you do while you listen is reading harmful or helpful at the same time several books I think it is depends on this person definitely not answer yes or no such answer no, this is who I'm used to, so you said here I always read a few simultaneously and scientific that separate history and even artistic i can
  • 07:20: parallel to read several books oh i I don’t know honestly that’s good or bad maybe even bad but i'm so got used and you said there is a difference in scientific in reading scientific and fiction what is it difference difference is what you imagine set a goal because if in scientific book if it is not a philosophical book and not not some very complicated review which parses the approach by some
  • 07:51: the problem is like a technical thing then my proper goal when reading this article or books find out what the person was doing in what way the case that got that is my technical is relatively simple they are certainly not simple but relatively simple tasks and if i read fiction there a huge number of layers we are not We read for the plot this is exactly the same what right now schools began to do around the world exactly the digest offense
  • 08:23: punishment here what's the point who call who old woman slapped so to speak in what the problem if about the plot it is for sure and not dostoevsky and not fat and not all of these geniuses they did not write for the plot plot there there is and you follow him but you also make me say quite often watch films of different years on sherlock holmes not because i don't know the plot i
  • 08:56: no longer have my liver sit but me I wonder how they walk as they sit how do they talk how this character is talking and this is I have another task and she is very difficult so here if i do such kind of work is very hard work and totally unimportant on what subject is the movie but it's completely book relates what is the difference in emotions a book from real yes I think not and
  • 09:26: What amazes me is what people are people in general, such creatures which, unlike it seems from all the rest of our neighbors on the planet they live at least i But in such a second reality in such a fictional world than in real to the material world we are very beginning as came to light began to create works of art and they are for us
  • 09:57: play for some reason we have a very important role experiencing over about what is described in the novel or film again more than in real life, or certainly no less, and if talk about the brain then I can absolutely firmly say that the brain anyway he is real is experiencing this something or he about it remembers or he makes it up and
  • 10:29: Incidentally, this is an amazing thought. He said not I, Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov and it was in the late nineteenth century when no one nothing about it could not have been tomographs that we now have and which will easily fix if i very worried but nothing does not happen that is my inner experience for example i remember
  • 10:59: some kind of play or plot some very powerful books because the enemy will fix the same activity brainwave as if this was happening on in fact, but the Sechenov could not have known so here's a genius who to by books intelligence and develops or with using something analogous good and smart conversations with smart human intelligence develops through before technical technical way say with
  • 11:34: using recycling then intellectual information that enters your brain from any sources I meant when I said any I mean it maybe visual information is maybe auditory it could be dance but of course the book is the main player about what talk more important than the book is nothing our civilizations even if this book stop rustling pages so say and will occur in the form of pixels different then it does not stop
  • 12:06: be a book though i repeat as for me is my choice unambiguous I read a book like a book like accustomed to read and we will read what she's older i can i consider the work of the brain alive Does a person separate from consciousness? brain come out or does it do consciousness on This question I have the answer is simple nobody don't know what consciousness is if you find people who will tell you what they are
  • 12:38: know grinning no agreement about what we will consider consciousness a huge scatter opinions on this topic here are just reactions to something and then there are people these are big scientists who believe that consciousness is inherent in everything live my question and what about ciliates-shoes are also inherent in her consciousness answer yes just simple do you understand if we get up on such
  • 13:09: position at all then we stop conversation is a meaningless conversation if we say that consciousness is very complicated thing then we have to admit that most people inhabit the planet with knowledge does not possess wash therefore on your question cannot be answered here indirectly I can answer here that we do not have no evidence that consciousness can
  • 13:40: appear somewhere other than the brain but this does not mean that it is final I often get a word consciousness is generally there somewhere flies the brain is the receiver that grabs it everything can be so but because science it is an occupation that requires give evidence according to the rules of the game evidence I agree evidence no and there is nothing to hint at that they may appear in a scientific way
  • 14:12: we cannot get such information at least for the reason that science implies repeatability of phenomena statistical certainty and verifiability is all here to check can not even if you tell me or I I will tell you that it doesn’t matter to anyone who got information from space is nothing not these are worthless statements because that no you no i can't it no
  • 14:42: prove neither disprove with this at all nothing to do thousands of testimonials from creators other than The main thing is that with big priests then from artists of different plan indicating that they are almost do not deny their authorship mass of poets which well just this wild amount evidence who say that I woke up at night
  • 15:12: something seems to be written not quite I'm sure that I woke up and then in the morning they look at a piece of paper on which is written ingenious poems are not at a loss as to her the author of such a lot of what it is very hard to say but in a scientific way I would perhaps answered so all sorts of discoveries and such states of some kind intellectual or artistic
  • 15:43: breakthroughs they are not clear consciousness here this we know they pass in some fog like this when you have nothing at all control it and because you are not you control then it causes the feeling of these people I repeat this a lot that it is someone the other one did what I just wrote down eat like hands hand stretches copy paper cake what
  • 16:13: called who is writing who is the author then this these are very difficult questions and I mean all i just said is without mysticism without any I mean you understand when they say the fairy came or there feat the fairies left me this is metaphorically and the thing is not literally we there fairies appeared and drove his hand but metaphoric before appeared