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  • 00:00: either you [music] Hello my name is Kristina Sanka I'll show you some life hacks today for creativity that will help you in drawing it will be little tricks that will help make your drawing more finished more interesting alive and I will show how all this can be drawn much easier than you do now there is nothing complicated and draw
  • 00:30: these pictures can just anyone having neither talent inability to this so let's try for the first idea we will need to organize space for creativity using paper scotch take watercolor and pour paint literally to paint was very watery paint the night sky with northern lights
  • 01:01: make the transition from light shades below to darker to the top to the top were straight black colors leave to dry completely when all finally dried up add color to make the picture brighter [music] yes new layer is dry take black marker or i like black acrylic
  • 01:32: and draw mountains of different sizes but with this step I hurried started to do better a scattering of stars in the sky we dip into white acrylic toothbrush and Spray color all over the picture as You see, a part of it hit the mountains too I had still imposes extra layer of black so step with the creation of mountains it is better to do a little
  • 02:02: earlier and now add acrylic stars and comets and constellations [music] [music] we tear off the scotch and it turns out this the beauty of white gel pen i add
  • 02:33: short touches on the mountains and everything he is painting ready to accept special skills and talents from here are not needed this life hack is done very simply by writing on a piece of paper some phrase to For example, I glue you with paper scotch and top write the word [music]
  • 03:04: orange tearing off the scotch and that's so interesting the effect is suitable for original greetings and cards do it yourself if you want a phrase bigger simply glue tape in several rows for creating such a picture you will need round cup circle the neck creating an even circle draw more mountains and the skyline around this we create watercolor night background again from light to dark [music]
  • 03:36: but [music] but
  • 04:07: we draw mountains and water leave white space as a reflection on the water surface Here I draw azure and blue paint with adding purple to rest with tops adding white [music] [applause] [music] from above we draw mother bear and baby
  • 04:51: [music] questioning with black acrylic paint adding a slight glare of white gel pen circles of the full moon can be written cute inscription so you can make cute postcard or just decorate the page
  • 05:23: notebook or sketchbook and here is the perfect creative lettering in ring years style take the marker not darker and lighter colors or you can also use brushes and paints take another shade darker and contrast we put on the lower part words from the horizontal shift line color u though turned
  • 05:53: add a couple of points it turns out beautiful gradient [music] [applause] [music] for this idea we will need these makeup brushes or manicure them as shown in the idea of is in 300 can draw I took super realistic Christmas trees more fluffy brush and a little smaller starting from above adding paint down than fluffy brush themes sprouts 10 is obtained
  • 06:24: herringbone [music] but I'm not very excited about this idea because the same effect can achieve the same standard brush and now I will show it by example we draw a small cozy house snow covered roof [applause]
  • 06:55: [music] [applause] [music] [applause] measure the horizon lines and create beautiful iridescent background again from darker to a lighter shade
  • 07:27: white paint I add a snow roof while the paint is still on the brush I take black and draw a father and stripes and starting from the top clapping stroke with gray strokes paint it we get Christmas trees which is in belek behind a snowy misty haze when everything dries in the same way
  • 08:01: we draw fir-trees already saturated black paint it will be Christmas trees that are closer to the house [music] white paint in some places add snow caps splashing white paint imitating snow
  • 08:36: in some places we draw a stroke and a cozy winter picture is ready [music] [applause] for this idea we will need two I put some water in each one
  • 09:08: and detergent digging acrylic paint and stir all the pipe I blow and create these colored bubbles put them on a piece of paper turns soap divorces honestly gave more interesting I calculated effect that it will be from clear circles on the paper of the same effect can be achieved and simply applying watercolors with sponge in the end it turns out not really bad I just counted on more interesting Effect
  • 09:38: parenting add a nice inscription and now we will make an interesting art notice pencil and treble clef [music] us [music] we paint it with dark green paint but the curl itself is still brown
  • 10:08: we draw sticks and now we draw fir-trees as I showed earlier patting movements alternate dark green black and rich green forming tree crowns and from the curl create sea foam as if i use azure and blue color points add white with robin and simple and we got the original picture [music]
  • 10:41: this idea I took she pints of growth and update very surprised in the end should get an awesome marine picture us will need a solid foundation by type wood or chipboard surface fret deep plate a above I lay my foundation now for us will need epoxy glue it is sold already with hardener I breed in the right proportions as written in the instructions and spilling everything small jars should make seven colors white blue cyan azure purple
  • 11:11: sand and brown now we start create drawing we pour glue for color shores alternate light and dark shade now we create the sea itself from above we pour dark blue and then blue building hair dryer mix colors and a beautiful gradient is obtained I do not know whether it will turn out to be an ordinary hairdryer pen passion used exactly building it has a higher the temperature beneath it glue literally sense boils on canvas
  • 11:41: waves form azure paint we add white creating sea foam the problem is this idea is that the pack mesh is very difficult material is not necessary able to work it freezes enough quickly and you need to draw very quickly to the same if you soiled something to them wiping will be extremely difficult regret on similar ideas where it says about the nuances use and I can safely say that if you do not have a good level of pumping holding his cheek then try not I recommend to make the same effect with
  • 12:12: using watercolors, epoxy will make a very beautiful mirror effect on the picture you can achieve a similar effect. covering the finished work transparent gloss varnish [music] You got such little ideas on my diesel you like write to comments which of these lifehacks and will use and which one you I like the most will write to me very interesting to read and not about the same likes and the most interesting and fun answers
  • 12:43: so eye color comments be creative and its help in this to fast until