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Делаем сами бант-заколку из ленты. Как просто сделать бант из ленты. Бант своими руками. (bow)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today i want to show how make here hairpin clothes or use as decoration on gift wrapping for making it I went took 2 strips and tape width five centimeters and two matrices 1
  • 00:31: centimeter and three centimeters on a pair of juice you will also need tweezers cheap barrette needle with thread lighter and scissors to start always need to singe the edge of the tape we clamp with tweezers and quickly spend
  • 01:02: lighter and all if you keep for long moments edges will turn black and melt and black let's get started manufacturing
  • 01:38: Well, now we start to make a bow tape have a face to yourself and We will work so that in person was just before us we turn the upper right corner on corner friend need to smooth out I, too
  • 02:15: Now we drop this valentine piece down and make a triangle made now this triangle is collapsed so corner straighten
  • 02:47: Here in the camera they created if you are afraid that the corner will lose take the clip stationery or click then not wrap to the right did not return this edge
  • 03:18: and lay this way for Mironov and this corner is also possible grab the clamp So
  • 03:54: with the ribbon out of the bottom we lift up that's the way I show this again tape up lift raised you can press the clip as soon as possible
  • 04:25: Now this remaining piece wrapped like that also corner do not put a clamp and this tail we get on the other side
  • 04:56: a quad we have turned out square now combine lower and hold the top corners for this the middle and remove the side clips and impose order on another
  • 05:28: now remove the upper clips and all this alignable aligned and collapse this triangle
  • 05:58: inside so turned now we are the middle here this middle one petal
  • 06:28: wrap this down here petal turn the border inward we clamp and here we get this piece of tape on ourselves forward brought in front of themselves here is the wrong side
  • 07:00: getting ready here so he was winding up here and we fold it angle folded and raised up we have such a petal here is a petal turned out now
  • 07:44: it means you need to align the middle Cut the middle for a needle needle with
  • 08:19: thread and just do the second petal sew them together and in place of the seam get through the forest and send well and hairpin or bow for a gift thank you for your attention All the best