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  • 00:00: [Music] to make a cap we'll wear neither green and a needle of 1.75 and not meters Let's start with 28 current [Music] let's make a low on the second we jumped the first one and we do
  • 00:31: a low in the second chain in followed by low on the next and we will make that first career with 27 lows a low in each current on simple does not get first career
  • 01:06: I'm back with 27 points in the career Let's make three chains turn let's make a high point in the next 8 6 and 6 2 4
  • 01:38: 5 6 78 points high each point [Music] I did not bring it to make a raise then
  • 02:08: easy two high points at the next point easy two more times [Music] hum the high point but only a point to 12 high points here I make another high point and in the same Score one more point to in the next four
  • 02:38: does this only one point until then just pa are four high points with no increase and the fourth world [Music] the easy section plus an increase is two same place points
  • 03:10: [Music] another increase of two points in 11 place in the process but the name colon in the same place and I finish with eight high points 11 each point until the end point for each point until the end of the career in career for the third
  • 03:42: easy three chains Viro and this career so we have here below 31 points ahead of us and we will then make 31 high points one high point at each point of the career previous
  • 04:13: a high point until the end I finished then and the third career will turn and now We're only going to work in Nassau. only backward passwords in the traffic bike looks how much more x 1 in the first sonal point
  • 04:45: back up in the second so much low in the third low point in the fourth low in the next half high the desire to score and in the next point a point as always working only on the passwords of back not brought let's make a point to
  • 05:17: less the following increase then two high points on the next bridge a high point in the section we will do this here without incurring such high a high point an increase by second time
  • 05:48: [Music] the high point an increase for the third time [Music] a high point [Music] in the next moment this is the fourth turn [Music]
  • 06:19: and the last time a high point is one more increase at next point [Music] and the next we will make two points high so my tall rancid ian harbor high in chaos
  • 06:54: Let's do this five times so I made the first time now two high points and the point at did not bring 12 high points is the third turn [Music] with the high point in traffic [Music]
  • 07:28: plus an increase [Music] is a high point in the next and now the last time the increase a high point in the next
  • 07:58: Actually, what we did here was from here. here this is the same from the middle to the tip the two equal sides now a high point in the next half high point at the point next a low the next three points
  • 08:31: and such a low password, and here we we are already finishing already concluding the Our cake is going down one point. very low to vote Our carreirinha here on this side we're going to make two lows
  • 09:04: within each point and finally we arrived here the first our first career [Music] let's get up with the low south ac I finished the cap or hat then
  • 09:35: compose the very low-key look joining the first career line here newspaper therefore joining this part of the hat to continue now let's make a small peak has a beak well always
  • 10:05: let's join our line then here at the first point you go Pick up your little hat on the right side let's join with the lowest point let's attack Let's do it at the lowest point in the next very low point in the next one
  • 10:36: low point on the next point plus a low point Let's make three lows here and now I'll make one two three chains and the next I make one more low point [Music]
  • 11:06: in the two three chains in the next one low point [Music] one two three chains and the next one until you reach the four last points here at the end I'll be back, we'll make another point. down another low point we will close the
  • 11:41: very low point in the next few Let's cut ours so let's cut the line and quit now let's hide the threads and I'll show you how we will do to harden to
  • 12:12: make the hat Let's put it here. proud my badge I get all this success in the case here of the hat that there is no need to model over
  • 12:42: something I'll just let the to let on that surface of plastic is a packaging with a plastic I'm going to leave here, I'm careful do not leave bits of aging bone so it's important that you remove
  • 13:12: well read [Music] and tea draw a clear and models that parent rounded if this one is where you will get to her little head does not pull Too bad not to get ugly just open the
  • 13:43: oven for the one because the agile car It is also that you will let marking from drying on the plastic or group you want it of course already has the small crochet hat shape
  • 14:16: We have already been instructed that we await drying try not to stand by tim [Music] and 16 when you come from one modeled because the trend while it is wet is é p vallée and leave the format that you left
  • 14:47: [Music] [Music]