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  • 00:01: Hello UTB project like hers with you I Valeria now we try a new This recipe will salad whim for walnut dressing we need chicken breast packing tomatoes cherry about five leaves Beijing ki green onions Georgian mixture of herbs salt and olive Oil to start zamarinuem breast in Olive death mixtures spices and how do
  • 00:30: really I love you way to take their spices but here it should be such that Caucasian here in this direction with herbs with aromatic and how it tastes good about all of was assigned pickled and left well at least 40 minutes on the breast marinate for simmer fry up in the hands of readiness the incident Beijing que solo
  • 01:01: lobe so that's first half Czechs cut cut into quarters [applause] green onions melenko chop all add up the salad bowl or gravy us It will need 50 grams walnuts salt garlic lemon we take the juice and olive oil rub the garlic pinch of salt
  • 01:33: it is so cool it all pounded cream good such a mess Warm already slightly it's not something that crush push through the press add dried walnuts nuts and also shred them add here lemon juice had little boy I have half a lemon if you took a lemon a great start with quarter
  • 02:00: stir and now we will add little by little olive oil and carefully I stir I tried everything all sauce but it's exactly not enough sweet yet sauce should be harmonious sweet and sour and salty continue Zacharias administered shchas and only added will really continue to enter butter
  • 02:30: until all five or six spoons we are not here fit now friends sauce turned bombezny very delicious together for I rested for 15 minutes now I can Now cut a cube is probably not tonkovat such large enough I bought will cut Put the sauce over our all components stones despite the fact that
  • 03:00: rather a lot of nuts precisely because many nuts more Carnival itself Me even without oil would therefore despite grains do not pay attention that we only thick quite enough should oil all with oil constituents of mix well here another friend delicious salad I had already prepared He tried to do amazingly pompous sauce tasty salad These leaves Vikings they give here crunchiness to this
  • 03:31: Here juiciness and tomatoes course also gives the essence wc all here just all ties together all incredibly tasty and Minsk with islands happened kick-ass I recommend salad cool easy Cooking is easy chicken can be done It can be done in advance Then on the eve of Before registering on the table all cut to fill sous sauce way too can make to ka Noah and everything will just awesome I recommend to fly
  • 04:02: I think this salad instantly an abundance of meat enjoy husband men too well, girls who sit on a diet and do not eat mayonnaise I think salads It is generally very delicious all recommending you had a project I have another kitchen Valeria yet