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Король осенних десертов! Яблочный пирог 🍏  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this project is another kitchen I myself Valerie today to identify simply crazy apple pie with thin thin cakes and where a lot of apple
  • 00:31: fillings for dough we need 320 gram of flour 40 grams of powdered sugar 180 grams of butter 1 teaspoonful spoon of vanilla sugar 1 yolk and cold water 100 milliliters mixed flour sugar powder vanilla sugar here I send the diced mate and all mixed and grinded into crumbs send cold water to the vein
  • 01:03: and stir well, combine the yolk in crumb and knead the dough possibly will take a little less water or a little more it's neat but quickly 100 milliliters This water is enough for me probably one tablespoon can be two so in the recipe below I will do correction corrected cold water 2 tablespoons of this will not be make the batter liquid top gather it
  • 01:35: in a ball of this is enough all the dough I clean in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes for the filling we take 5 6 apples 2 tablespoons biscuits 1 glass of sugar 20 grams of butter and if desired can take 1 teaspoon cinnamon apples clean and three on a large grater we melt our a piece of butter here we add sugar and do a little caramel, these glass can adjust the dependencies
  • 02:07: from the sweetness of your apples if apples A sour glass will just go away if more Sweet then a little less sugar began caramelize is the time to go before apples and family a few well here they are our caramelized apples evaporate without fanaticism our apples should be still juicy we set aside and cool until the filling cools down , let's do a test with us The excess flour was divided into 2 parts
  • 02:38: equal one while we remove it is possible even refrigerator and the second is now roll century do not bother I took this kind of rectangular shape she at me 17 almost on twenty seven centimeters, I cut out this one from parchment paper substrate is Then it was easier to pull out and roll out the dough on our form if you
  • 03:10: took a round shape it will have a pie there will be round stones will be rectangular slightly leave the sides necessarily The thickness of the dough will be somewhere around millimeter 2 3 it is thin enough form I have one-piece so that Then I did not suffer when I get I now do here are such zagotovochki paper
  • 03:40: then it is very easy and simple to get everything out gives a lot Here's a girlfriend and pulled it all now it seems to me to be in the way slightly but nothing that we will understand and neatly shifting our dough forming the edge but it is well pierced fork that all the moisture that will be formed in the dough during baking it
  • 04:10: the dough came out we turned out to be crispy for this we sprinkle one breadcrumbs so that they absorb excess moisture from apples, but at the same time The filling remained juicy and tasty from above we spread the filling it surely should be cold so as not to brew dough to make it well afterwards with us crunched and was not so soft here I think that their boiled fillings are not enough
  • 04:40: you can safely add a couple more apples we cover the table with food film and roll the second part of the film we will need to be careful beautifully remove the dough from the table and cover our cake can also be used parchment paper we cut out approximate I remove the excess dough form and now accurately lay out everything
  • 05:14: it is easy with a film and everything is visible and everything is possible Moving the edges well on the press and Now carefully remove the excess test on top, too, pierce the dough beautifully and I decided to make the rest of the test such
  • 05:46: from the twig I will now decorate bake at a temperature of 200 220 degrees literally 20 minutes the filling is ready to be baked dough so watch carefully here our handsome and ready to pay attention on an asterisk in spite of the fact that their rolled very thinly they are enough strongly got up such a dough without any baking powder now I'll pull it out neatly
  • 06:16: because the fetters are good and will be transferred but also Let the cake cool down and let's sample what I like is apple pies for that they are in a warm state incredibly delicious wait until he it will cool completely but there is no the possibilities are even very fragrant despite on the fact that I let cinnamon add here see what a cool it turned out baking dough look what it is crumbles it crumbles I think that she
  • 06:48: quart attempts just to try my friends it's literally an apple bomb necessarily cook this cake incredibly delicious fragrant sweet you can if you have apples sour you can still a little over the top to powder literally with powdered sugar for better effect, but it seems to me that he so so incredibly effective necessarily cook recommend with you was me Valerie is a project of another kitchen not switch in front of many feet h