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  • 00:00: All regards this project is another kitchen and with by you i'm valerie my friends today i want share with you your favorite recipe recipe that we use already accurately more than twenty years is chocolate muffins are so cool that you love immediately and unconditionally i
  • 00:31: I'll try to change a little today icing try it to make a new proportions let's see what happens to us need half a liter of kefir 350 grams sugar 3 eggs 5 tablespoons with a small slide of melted cocoa butter 150 grams flour 400 grams soda one teaspoon first turn on the oven for 200 degrees and break eggs sugar you it may seem that too much sugar but these are chocolate muffins to
  • 01:02: the color was saturated just so much sugar and you can experiment reduce sugar and you will see that they will become much lighter is such a trick [music] We immediately prepare the flour and combine it. soda and so everything is well mixed to everything was distributed evenly eggs add melted and cooled butter here kefir and our flour mixture
  • 01:35: leave a couple of spoons all at once send because the flour is all different all different humidity time red, if honest too, very quite different note here such a consistency should get dough like good thick sour cream but not gave as a home in which the spoon is shop good thick sour cream I took silicone molds for mafia
  • 02:06: ii shot and paper capsules accurately fill in two thirds can even be a little higher muffins rise well enough don't overdo it too and immediately send them to bake by the way if you have oven let's say a little dough is needed stand for a while before you are you bake a second batch of nothing with it
  • 02:38: she'll be fine bake at the same 200 degrees 20 minutes focus on your oven they don't should these muffins survive and not so there will be a little wet inside cool still hot muffins we reach and cool on the grill let 's do the icing we need 4 tablespoons of cocoa sugar 4 tablespoons sour cream 3 tablespoons butter 65 grams and what a beautiful dressing I will mix cocoa
  • 03:11: sour cream and sugar mix well well, well between them and warm it up glaze necessarily try the glaze you might want to add a little more sugar that's what they say lover sugar dissolved remove split and boil this frosting I need and in hot glaze introduce oil let it here so thaws then it will keep its shape and not will be strongly liquid as soon as the oil is all
  • 03:43: melt and intervene icing ready I got 23 muffins wash how much of such a small We immerse the number of products which have us the glaze turned out shiny to exactly it is beautiful and now decorate autumn leaves autumn you and continue with all the cars here a little bit of other decor db
  • 04:18: Well beauty is what friends are here handsome turned out Of course the icing looking not frozen I think you can even have a little oil I want to add a little now show what they are inside I don't want to cut it because In the case of cuts, I will spoil the whole structure when they bite them so tender show him like this
  • 04:48: structure they right they crumble and nor are they wet not not wet but they Here it has such a reality muffin-like feature humidity so delicious very fragrant and delicious delicious unreal delicious I them I love them all the more you can cook a lot attributed to school and they are so smart and here are mittens abused school found on birthday for some holidays I you seriously say you go to school and
  • 05:19: usually all children's heads turn behind these only red is not all prisoners you want class because what what when when we we will try it and eaten at lightning speeds here at 1 I recommend to cook necessarily because that it tasted very tasty for many years This recipe has been tested over the years checked by dozens of people necessarily cook everything i say goodbye to you because that the kettle is already boiling help your friends I was with you, Valeria, the project is different
  • 05:52: kitchen bye