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Подключение Canon Pixma G3410, G3411, G3415 по Wi-Fi к смартфону

Подключение Canon Pixma G3410, G3411, G3415 по Wi-Fi к смартфону  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello everyone in this video, I will tell you how connect canon pixma g 34 10g 3411 or g 3415 to the smartphone on wifi we will connect the smartphone to the printer through the current wi-fi network include the printer on the display should be lit icon Wi-Fi if the Wi-Fi icon is not lit press the network button now install the canon application prints jed link to our smartphone for this we download it from the appstore for
  • 00:32: apple devices or google play for android devices after installation Run the application and accept license agreement switch the printer to setup mode wifi for this for a few seconds we press the direct button when it starts blink the direct icon release the button and the wifi icon remains on the display attached to us print top left
  • 01:03: corner click on the add printer icon on offer to turn on bluetooth click no at this stage smartphone need to connect to the printer's wifi network To do this, click the Wi-Fi icon and the list that appears select that wi fi the network that has the word in the name canon and model of your printer [music] now we will configure the printer for connection
  • 01:41: choose your Wi-Fi network from the list your live network and enter the password from it [music] click yes [music]
  • 02:11: connection setup at this stage completed try run the test stamp [music] that's all thanks for watching