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How to treat a backbone (Informative TV, Ivan Neumyvakin)  See details »

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  • 00:00: where can you get to learn the shock you massage the thing is that you need to know spine as well as i was afraid of the dead and got into these institutes to be a surgeon then I decided to go see how well and I'll fucking cameras your people I spine of this you draw I went bur Moscow there thoughts I'll turn out and there these the dead are all lying in different poses
  • 00:32: I turned to look at these dead and lost consciousness and there formalin them dream you followed me and saw among dead chanel to stir out submissions rose by me you concluded I have all the holes started work but i still decided to study and work and morgue in anatomichke and a half I cut like a hall I knit skeletons I still know a student's body as little
  • 01:05: who knew that’s why the shock wave massage I had doctors blade blade tour taught then night at 9 o'clock calls or at 10 he is dark with a hammer and spine one went inside and legs fell asleep at night the party of affairs went barely pulled this said sick if you still trample take the hammer I'll set you up then he did not arise at all
  • 01:36: where he is engaged and if I do not know it need to know a lot because the spine is the heads and we all have almost a little vertebra so yes even hump and even distorted pelvis even women who go to these very which is called heels penetrated In fact, with the devils what's going on this very complex structure there is such a hump which but my student he reads that I almost and I him
  • 02:13: taught but he once only got everything done her belly thinks so of the structure not necessarily up necessarily but this need to be learned very seriously and long and know the structure themselves spines especially relationships a that's where the spine books are written there select an empty liter bottle only should pour water cylinder be screw
  • 02:43: put this bottle across pig's legs bend otherwise and ride from this bottle quietly silver then from top to bottom there and there here you will give me these thoughts dripping it it is fragmented and under Lanka starts relative to each other as masks starts working you forget yourself vici and no massage is needed and go to
  • 03:15: blades formed one half body Coll ort did not fix this abandoned fix forward and how shipyards like all-terrain vehicle will you be my breast maiden develops and walk on i beat because the snake started it all now who just doesn't prescribe like a toothbrush they even innocent messengers this is what you sit then your swamp but it's the same
  • 03:47: the main part of a person is pig but the main thing is what you sit there is the process of the birth of life there something ends pouring out restore there nuclear reactor there coccyx is the word of our life that's why tailbone is the most serious disease which is not a switcher and the cops are difficult all against and you will walk on an egg
  • 04:21: only five don't crawl here so walk back and forth try what will be your female do I will have time here prostate adenoma up to gymnastics need to do This all count on a freebie. enough I do not know how everyone else with whom we are here faced but stop pupsies and work on it goes but started around
  • 04:53: hours then half an hour a day but for myself beloved spend