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Apartment renovation. Studio. Kitchen - a drawing room.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi everyone my name is Victor I am engaged in repair of apartments under the key in Nizhnekamsk city now i'm on another execute the object this time is a studio renovation more area more than 30 square meters city Nizhnekamsk village red key residential complex chock street upland 020 sit down more convenient I will try to make a video like
  • 00:31: always entertaining I go now I am in the hallway here is our entrance a door no problems like mine customers this is not the main housing buy apartment purchased in as an investment new repair still want to make apartments not empty
  • 01:01: just plastered looked like this more comfortable well let's start on the hallway floors in as the flooring selected porcelain stoneware slab pattern you and see say don't need it a bit like our nice rustic warm carpet where you want to take off your shoes quickly and already
  • 01:31: barefoot we like in this case this tile is for the hallway I think this is the most practical option. sorry on the walls choose a wallpaper with such pretty interesting texture like snake skin wallpaper is very good
  • 02:01: wash not afraid of the fingers of children Fat non-adult children's fingers are very good care for them junction between flooring and by both made pvc plinth junction between both stretch ceiling and made I will bring closer I think about this
  • 02:31: small room will not be long linger everything is clear that it turned out cool let's go to the living room kitchen room though Little let 's stop at this framing no additional strips and cash nicks it was decided not to make wallpaper a month with plaster
  • 03:02: here is an arched corner After all, this is kobi. that is, when we pasted wallpaper we pounded from this side you have small masters know but customers know carrying and from this side when we pounded the wallpaper the edge of the wallpaper itself is wrapped in small groove for what it needs the corner is very protected looks finished
  • 03:33: this is the most important and gives us the opportunity smoothly go from one color to another Well, finally we are in our room studio where there is and kitchen where there is a living room and a cosiness thing single room flooring is laminate 33
  • 04:05: close such laminate my style first time how is it different from those we are style or so that there is additional lock the bed was very comfortable for you like ask in the comments if anything, let's say I get one headset chick as in principle and all else in this in this apartment The room is selected according to the picture which
  • 04:35: matured in the head of our customer and all the design i'm sure we could realize wallpaper hung on the walls in the middle of the room is about it is inserted wallpaper on a completely different picture you see here is such a chandelier so warm as
  • 05:06: as if inside a pen great emphasis in this room like to give precisely demarcating this room but not as heavy as it was originally calculated by estimate mount two-level tension
  • 05:36: ceiling then having confer so let's say between customers decided to do single-level but not just ceiling In the middle, see and assembled say easier made from drywall a construction called this beam further we and plastering betrayed rounded shapes made an texture similar to the old tree and already Kohler who picked up
  • 06:08: customers all this we painted the abutting wall and ceiling also performed with a harness ropes someone calls harness someone rope please write me how correct to call it on the kitchen furniture thanks for the furniture quality work by the way
  • 06:39: mounted by us immediately lights which is not included in the working area and right at the entrance to the room is not convenient need to fit up to the headset you can go to room and just lightly give lighting this room I do not know when what cases is it more suitable maybe when just big fatigue after work can
  • 07:10: just the mood will be different to turn on the glare but sure it it will be more convenient than to come here to these rosettes somewhere here here press this button or just sitting on the couch you can click this key another key will turn on on the kitchen itself is like another key here it includes this interesting chandelier sum
  • 07:41: all this light gives a very good power don't stumble heating in this indoors that's generally in this residential complex she is not centralized thank god that although they will not depend on our networks here have their gas boiler they will regulate themselves when include
  • 08:14: when to switch off therefore you are not see no risers all heating in half by the way and the field junction between floor and walls made already wooden skirting already a little higher he himself like that so here it all looks try to shoot under all angles of the room you
  • 08:49: kitchen and living room bedroom together so this is called a studio there in here corner put an additional outlet It will be very comfortable sitting with a tablet or laptop does not depend on power supply
  • 09:20: do not look for the possibility of an extension cord immediately poke into the outlet and now not moving away from the box office already with the voltage yet here i'm on the balconies we are nothing especially did not just painted poured there electricity is attacked and strengthened [music] another balcony is the same
  • 09:52: taxed just ennoble himself alerts to clean up on the way the remains of the laminate, it was decided lay as a threshold looks interesting by the way I advised let's move on
  • 10:22: the bathroom toilets are fully lined tiles porcelain and walls and the floor is one and same tile it is the same size so we tried to give equally deftly win both on the floor and on the walls seams goes over each other's main
  • 10:53: Hanging toilet gave hatch hidden mounting behind it is only one counter cold water cabin corner 90 90 they are a rounded saucer the low step is small but will enjoy this quality countertop material was selected
  • 11:29: solid pine and even you will see our favorite big mirror in the wall height its meter width less as the rule is 8 centimeters than herself countertops why said as a rule because in our work often these mirrors are visible and now they have
  • 11:59: such sizes dear customers or just who it was interesting take note of what if by sides retreat by 4 centimeters to be very nice and neat lighting ceiling spotlights divided into two groups key 1 key includes one group of the three lights another key another group of three lamps total It gives good coverage here such here
  • 12:31: It turned out okay, maybe the meaning is not even bathroom apologize prefab shower cubicle and hanging toilet as call please write me in I want to speak in the comments correctly do not know how I can say is such a here we have
  • 13:02: studio i hope from all angles i am you everything could show this chip saw our work for the first time arched corner junction between tiles and laminate me we drove floors so that the laminate with tiles with docked in one plane
  • 13:34: thereby we saved man from some additional threshold stumble he won't thank you hope will say there under a beam where three groups are two sockets will hang the TV then pick up some cozy curtains I will ask you to let them throw
  • 14:04: photo sure will be very interesting the picture at the end so what did I do? make your video as much as possible filled I ask if you have something for me comment on comment I want to develop again I want to convey information to you correctly
  • 14:35: my in the end I want to say thank you all for time spent watching our the finished work we did it more three months since the project was worn constantly changing but the client is not hurried understood everything because he was directly interested in quality
  • 15:05: work done All the elements of design and decor were us fully implemented I consider my work done to evaluate exactly five plus all thanks to all Good day to new meetings bye Bye