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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, Polina is with you today. I will sew at the request of the channel is Shawn alive i will sew a turtleneck time million old pads they should well stretched This case is warm should step both to mom and she sets
  • 00:36: shovchiki should immediately on the shoulder and then they reach shelf with thread filed with mark we squeeze out 2 mitosis under moscow and pay attention to this shevchik
  • 01:11: exactly shoulder at a distance of 10 centimeters here with us It turned out four centimeters here 10 and then so on you will understand nothing this should be at least 20 centimeters now measure out from this
  • 01:49: shevchik 10 for me and on the other hand do intercept here i do had arrived here you need four centimeters here to
  • 02:23: next we need scissors and cut out here are the enclosures first there was a special optics here and you here we cut the perfume check and then you cut it and also ran and that the second also
  • 03:03: that's how it turned out next we need an elective to reverse side and sew right here that is out of five
  • 03:33: alcohol and shovchik will mean it can be live off the seam at home for a joke This is how it turned out for us advice and more often Now we need 30 years. yes shevchenko I will carry it
  • 04:03: it turned out now we raise on the runner but that 's not all three stretch rear 0 eyes can now be done Shevchuk
  • 04:44: cut off the bottom cadet 1 hour shift and the second part 1 meets cut off like this it turned out now we need to sew such
  • 05:15: everything needs to be sewed see the description in the link how to do tights I would have time as often as possible but what the hell I'm Reputation pair
  • 05:51: need to call and as so here we have turned beautiful come on
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