Valentin Turchenyuk

Saved 1/26/19 6:51 PM to CAR NO. 21

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  • 00:00: hello very often moto and motorists are faced with such things like sooty first expectations in this case, consider the candle from chainsaws
  • 00:31: one of the most common problems with chainsaws this is what the air filter clogged with sawdust and as a result cylinder falls more enriched mixture because not enough focus motor well and as a result Here is such a black smoked candle of course ideally This feature is better to change but we now
  • 01:02: such a problem what a candle go far and never so you need to be this candle and put her into place and continue to cut wood just wash it with gasoline will not work as well as arrange or this snuff he still can not wash away now demonstrated with a brush
  • 01:33: does not wash gasoline this carbon some do such things like being ignited are flying on gas to I consider them to burn soot that such
  • 02:06: the way the barbaric way he is just only just kills the candle nothing good about it as a result don't go out and wash it somehow now we consider one of the ways you can this candle is easy to clean with using electrolyte for their new batteries we fill
  • 02:38: large dishes electrolytes knock to be enough print put candles in there on 20 it is desirable to do some gloves and some tweezers to hand yourself do not burn electrolytes
  • 03:10: let her lie down in 20-30 minutes electrolyte on in 20 30 minutes let's continue here while I'm here from maxims to others it took an hour instead of half an hour let's see how much we have there uterus listening touched to clean and wash well, I took such an old toothbrush and now put it all
  • 03:45: if that soot wash away everyone knows that electrolyte is a weak acid solution and acid as it should be well all these on the city to eat refer to let's see how you wash us can I take a seat toothbrush
  • 04:16: hard brush try usually forget 23 thousand if this we wash it in gasoline leftovers spilled even wearing rubber gloves
  • 05:05: does not violate safety will buy that's pretty well washed off Now I will try to ply all this so that it can be clearly seen something somehow not good at try faces on street view Well, it is clear that
  • 05:40: washed off very well Well, that's something like