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Пошив Кардигана. Пошаговый мастер класс

Пошив Кардигана. Пошаговый мастер класс  See details »

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  • 00:00: 7 tramp wind today our video will be devoted to i'm at the end of the video showing this cardigan on yourself cardigan we already did the pattern with you Immediately on the fabric from someone who did not look or rather, we can leave a reference in description you look cardiogram but very quickly cut and as quickly we will sew it now as see go lowered shoulders sleeve one pocket you are sewed without problems done and planochka going like this edge of
  • 00:31: cardigans tailoring will begin shoulder slices Shoulder sections Stitch process overlock and zigzag slices turn to the side of the back and here I am I'm laying a finishing line then naturally we will learn to live the next step we need is that part of the sleeve side slices are still open that is, here we have a shoulder seam combine
  • 01:01: center of the sleeves chipping pins either dead in this sleeve as you see he needs no landing absolutely easy and simple he is with us now your etsya we lay the seam and process
  • 01:39: overlocking or sexo wing arm so I peritoneum and now I will make a finishing line on on top of this, cuts turning to become a wife sleeves and go all well right stranger finishing line done now you need to stitch the line here are the sleeves and side slice well here let's consider with you how we did it these are where the hand is sewn right here I need this part right now Dunechka we see and cut off
  • 02:11: as if this part just a little bit here and so I will cut because when we are with you all here stitching but imagine we will sew right here and yes we have it it will naturally be superfluous this here we everything is now cleaned so theres and kukuku all you see it and so Stella I now circle on all the sleeves and on the seamy side we will
  • 02:42: lay the seam so I laid on wrong side and I will combine control points that's where we did notches on the waist line naturally we should have clay same along the bottom line we all dub and do some more fixing fixed and now we fix
  • 03:12: of course down sleeves sure to fix here in this place where do our sleeves meet And here we are giving another fix to we had a little more now we are making noise in this place After all, he seems to be going quiet
  • 03:44: I will do it a little bit like we are here the roof is like this no corner do here to remove it under but a little bit like this I will close and in this place I will do later some little birds handle overlock about they will i them so specially stretch and I will return him all will enter and amide all notches to make a couple of that side cut processed overlock and also faith easily
  • 04:15: processed the bottom of the product now proceed to pocket will do invoice and i want to do one patch pocket and what do we need for this need but a rectangle of cloth that is we cut that pocket that length width which is necessary here I even made an adjustment decided to make it a little a little worse if you take my pocket then the finished product I will have 17 half centimeters by 18 maybe i
  • 04:49: I'll do it again already I will see what I am made here its front side with on the seamy side glued interlining processed overlock for ironing on the wrong side here here you see I will live a curse then took the front side on the front side ask for a centimeter from the edge postponed cut off here and see that I have a lot of me
  • 05:19: his little as you see reduced then turned and already where glued edge and now we will make a seam with one and the other side and we lay it down so that that's where we have the edge nonwoven was just passed but the wrapped part is all we make these pieces here we sew
  • 05:51: I cut off the surplus while dubbing me collected the other side was about the same and now we let's turn out but before we do we will turn these here thickening which inside we are now with we cut you here I can take straight here and so go to the edges and here I will not take from myself edges and here it is here I am a little bit here so here I will take and cut it diagonally and here here I will do like this a little bit
  • 06:22: more carving I will do the very same side here I will cut them too and here you are not so that we do not capture the thread which we sewed now we twist can help to polished corners with a ticker and now we won't have a thickening here here here is superfluous so here it is necessary still
  • 06:56: a little cut see this one corner here I am his nedorezov he just me and interfere ugly we clean it with tickers all dub and here is something little corner doesn't want to go out and you're here here you can neatly pin Well, in any case, so that we do not damaged because here we have its edges have this processed now we have all about
  • 07:28: throw in a circular but squander Look here so here a millimeter probably 4 from the edge so that I hid here is this line here why millimeter four because now i will sew here here here on the edge so that this thread will not be removed later she did not bother me did not hit the seam and here so here we go afford I made a finishing line and decided
  • 08:00: round these areas because I did not like straight lines here , too, by carved and now Schedule with you instead of laptop I now I will go pike intestine pro ironing his schedule the location of the pocket while you need to try on yourself to determine at what height and pocket sew on send pocket pockets the line here see on the edge you probably on millimeter by 2 millimeter at the very
  • 08:30: the beginning and the end must make tack 10 can be done not only fill a you can still make a few stitches To strengthen the pocket look like this here we go now we deploy it and do a couple of stitches lower the foot on the edge a couple of stitches yet a couple of stitches forward and now like this
  • 09:04: come on a little corner be back here as it would be back so bad so love here this part of it all pockets will decide here what we have on the corner of the video so here bought a pocket now we will sew plank I carved the bar here in width fabrics where the fabric is elastic first doubled because i don't enough to have a completely uniform length and here this stitch will just vary by
  • 09:37: center back apply to the center of the back here with me he has already pinned a pin planochka edges here look see i closed them but here the cuts were inside and I'll be right now place the plan in such a way that I will stretch the wreaths on the eagle slightly her here right here planochka are loving u not and these are the places where go round to
  • 10:09: ensure the fit of the neck that we are not bristled here I will stretch too slightly like this Here we stretch and go through here to rounds when we get to this here rounds can no longer be here you can stretch it so that it goes as it is, but since I have a cloth here This is a share and here it goes with me it turns out transversely ie beat here It will be such as to lightly-lightly here
  • 10:40: denser it will go here this the upper part so that it does not stretch I get to the bottom and down there I will do in this way, that is, I closed it cut slices planochki and cardigan I dub I bend bottom of the product and here I will be it sew up and then here so I have it all turn out beautifully write plan cuts are processed and I have them now
  • 11:10: laying aside the middle of the product well here from the side as if to cut and on edge I lay such a finishing line, and we will only do under hypnosis the product and the bottom of the sleeve and will be the product ready here is our cardigans ready a lot no time left for us do right here i will do either buttons Either there will be buttons, I will still decide and I did, as you can see, my pocket, but I did
  • 11:41: one husband says you need two write Your opinion as you consider 1 and put or two probably still need 2 make here a side view from the back I of course here now showing in this dress she absolutely with this dress no no harmonizes and worn with him will not I just this dress worked so to you and showing perfectly it will fit
  • 12:11: if we wear leggings trousers there where I don't know the dress or skirt it should be length or a little bit above the cardigan or somewhere at the level because it is completely not That’s all the video matches liked it like and subscribe to our channel for everyone bye [music]