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Roll from the Omelette about Processed cheese \/ Roll The Omelet \/ Idle time the Recipe (Very Tasty and Quickly) Detailed step-by-step video the recipe very tasty cold to Zac...  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello yourself Natasha Parhomenko and you look mine culinary channel in this video we are with you prepare a cold snack, namely delicious original and very a delicious roll and for delirium pasta stuffing out
  • 00:31: melted cheese sounds very appetizing well, well let's assign cooking for rolls of omelette with stuffing from melted cheese will be needed for omelette 150 grams mayonnaise 6 eggs 150 grams hard cheese floor salt black pepper ground to taste 1 a tablespoon of flour for filling cream raw three things fresh dill 3 cloves of garlic 100 gram of mayonnaise also will need
  • 01:02: vegetable oil that from small forms well what are bouts preparations before the beginning cooking rolls need to take the fused cheese and put it in freezer we are doing this for then it was easier to rub on grater but now we proceed omelet making to start the eggs you need beat well a mixer egg beer appeared
  • 01:32: such is the branch Now on top of them add mayonnaise salt black pepper fashion is everything add to taste can you add more any condiments of kiev like a mixture of different popular penalty turmeric ground paprika is already a matter taste of each again 62 miles I'm all I whisked it up well
  • 02:06: mixer and now add flour and again, whisk together now the egg mass need to grate cheese on small grater and all mix well I mixed everything up
  • 02:41: test us for years ready at this stage I already included warm up oven to 180 degrees Celsius Now see I took the sheet I have it size 30 40 centimeters has covered parchment paper and now from above parchment paper you need to grease abundantly vegetable oil pass on paper and abundantly lubricate
  • 03:12: vegetable oil to make it easier lubricate the sides and bottom Form I too turn off here a little could mass there paper here so Here does not go like now it is necessary parchment paper pour out the dough and all well and level send omelette bake in in advance preheated oven to 180 degrees will be bake for 10-15 minutes he
  • 03:43: very fast baked omelet I already expired now he must completely while the omelet it's cooling down stuffing for starters take the processed cheeses and natrem on shallow The grater I bought welded joints with greenery one can edit then and which you like more Serghea rubbed herself now
  • 04:13: to them add chopped dill salt and black ground but this is optional if try to taste consider it necessary you need to add these seasoning means add extrude garlic through the press add mayonnaise and all is well mix I already have stuffing
  • 04:45: prepared this here it should It turns out that consistency omelet I was already completely cold removed it from parchment paper one half of the paper I left that on to form a roll an omelet is very good is removed from the paper since we are greased vegetable oil I will advise you in further when you will bake photos kiwi tablets oven is mandatory them you drive on parchment paper and and lubricate abundantly vegetable oil
  • 05:15: then you will not have no problem when you will take off parchment paper look at this beautiful turned me chose another side to me the region of the tap for me more here such here liked it here love and go there is here wrinkles so I'll be this one Here is the upper side of a it's for me to lubricate now stuffing me it's me all
  • 05:49: smeared the stuffing now we will twist it in roll I formed a roll I put it here these Here's a seam down and now it must be wrapped in parchment paper send the roll to
  • 06:24: refrigerator for one hour of bryus years lay in refrigerator now you need to cut it off these are these uneven edge and cut it into small portions pieces roll of omelette with stuffing from melted cheese ready to serve to the table
  • 06:54: it turned out very tasty and delicate and original this cold appetizer will be wonderful decoration festive table surprise your guests Here's the one here yummy I hope You will like this recipe and you be sure to cook yourself dasha parhomenko see my channel subscribe put a husky and I will please you with new delicious recipes and useful advice pleasant appetite and before new meetings