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  • 00:00: hi friends this is the kitchen inside out Today I will show three recipes for the test dumplings all three at once all from one flour I will knead the dough to make dumplings boil boil long freeze again boil immediately say all three recipes good but I still have a favorite which one look fuck ochima molt and let's make a pasties and compare comparable the first recipe is just warm water or
  • 00:33: I love milk when water is in milk in half so dumplings are tastier I sift flour at the beginning 2 stack pouring warm water and warm milk about 100 milliliters add incomplete teaspoon of salt and egg kneading I already see that you can immediately add more
  • 01:04: half a cup of flour collect the dough into a ball and stand on I add some more flour to the board and start knead now butter about a tablespoon add oil at the end so take the dough less flour and it will be easier to knead
  • 01:34: like that I make holes in the dough and pour in butter it into the dough, pouring flour by a few quite a bit and knead until the dough stops clinging to your hands can take up to five minutes from here it should turn out soft and elastic spread it on board and cover with a towel leave 40 minutes just have time
  • 02:04: cook two more types of dough the second recipe for dough on mineral water I take not just table water with gas namely mineral I immediately poured sifted flour in two s I add a beat with half a glass salt 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and a glass of mineral water from me a glass of 250 ml but I do not lyuboyu too full about 220 two hundred thirty milliliters foam see how
  • 02:35: kneaded gently started with a spoon then by hands on the board a little flour dough and knead Similarly , adding flour by little and it takes about five minutes to put in the dough is not sticky hand the dough is very soft it is softer
  • 03:10: and nicer than the first option spread him close and also leave for half an hour rest and the third recipe is choux pastry I will add boiling water to a bowl, sift and immediately three glasses of flour without a slide middle of the beat up egg add sex a teaspoon of salt and 3 tablespoons vegetable oil mix it all up with a fork and lightly mix with flour then add
  • 03:42: boiling water and quickly collect the dough into a ball it needs boiling water just now boiled and water immediately from the kettle I add a new not quite full glass so there was not much about two hundred thirty milliliters knead hot dough need to do it neatly but quickly I collect in a lump and shift there is no need to put dough on the board does not stick at all for a long time
  • 04:15: knead also do not need one or two just a minute it turns out soft cushy and very nice to work with him easy no extra flour and the kitchen is always clean let you lie under a towel for minutes ten is enough here all three dough on boiling water on mineral water and milk with water now I'll start to sculpt the dumplings first show how
  • 04:47: I never do very many roll out the dough and crawl out of it circles a glass or a special form like that but it's a long and awkward pastry usually sticks to the board remnants of this test a second time not laid out so i do differently this is dough on boiling water therefore flour I do not add anything sticks not to hand Nick boards not to rolling dough very nice job but it can be very
  • 05:19: thin roll she is not torn and very very docile if you like little dumplings then this dough is just perfect we make from the dough just such a sausage cut into pieces about the same I press my fingers in the middle and I roll thin dad finally sculpt dumplings from this
  • 05:49: the amount of dough is about 100 pieces soft dough obedient and most importantly nothing why does not stick put some pieces on a plate sprinkled with flour I 'll take the yellow edging and freeze but these will cook and feel but i want to immediately prepare and the rest this is the dough on milk which I am the first she cooked too soft and nice
  • 06:19: but you can't do without flour here I teach the board with flour and then everything is fine also form a sausage cut crush down in flour and press down roll out removing excess flour spread the stuffing and love just as well molded too
  • 06:49: I do not see problems but my hands and become in flour and I don’t have you either also part of the freeze these immediately I will make the dough on mineral water without flour again form a sausage like this cut into pieces and roll out no sticks
  • 07:19: flour can not do too at least a little flour you want here falling in love is good too too thin it does not work it roll freeze on the green plates and part
  • 07:49: leave to cook immediately begin I'll be the first to salt who on choux pastry I throw mixed and after boiling cook for 56 minutes three things leave for another 5 minutes see if they can be digested mix with butter already
  • 08:19: I want to try even longer I cooked them about 15 minutes but the little ones didn’t digest now brew the rest we will be strange those that milk just bring boil and cook for 5 minutes everything is fine Helen beautiful and fragrant three things still leave to cook these
  • 08:49: mix with oil in 12 minutes everything was fine too and the third pot of salt is salted we throw it those who are naturally mineral water swelled a little look some water soda
  • 09:19: boil five minutes and stand basis diminished three things cook for about 11 more minutes were boiling and so
  • 09:49: I could not stand the dough digest it is impossible to catch meat separately have to and finally try this dough on boiling water beautiful-beautiful dough very soft thin whole juice inside is very tasty I'll cut it now very tasty dough super stop eating
  • 10:22: these are the three things that cooked 15 minutes everything is fine dough whole all perfect now on milk too handsome look untie now the juice is in place but the dough is somehow thicker and more tough help and these are the ones that we tried to digest everything excellent digest them, too, did not work
  • 10:58: and tasty here if without comparison with first super dough but first still softer and tastier while second place and now on mineral water try in the water not sulk a little but now external others are no different same beautiful mouth-watering taste the dough is soft and as tasty as in the first option sedge is not inside you see the dough itself
  • 11:28: delicious audi juice where are those we wanted digest, and we've got it here Hole though cooked less than other digested and collapsed Now I put next to all three types finished dumplings look a little different this choux pastry is on milk
  • 11:59: and on mineral water all three recipes I like and when they are separately not to taste what tastes better all three are delicious but if you try like this take turns to the most delicious ravioli yet natural boiling water and with such it is more pleasant to work with text in general pros but now we still check not Do dumplings fall apart after
  • 12:30: frosts lay in the freezer they almost two days now brew them by queues for yellow plates we had dumplings naturally boiling water Braslava their boiling salted water waiting until they come up and from now on boil five minutes that's what it all turns out excellent as if only cooked on the orange plate we were dumplings
  • 13:05: on milk in the same way I wait while emerge and cook five minutes too handsome not nothing boiled soft you can easily freeze and the third recipe on mineral water I put it in the pot I cook the same 5 minutes and again with this test failure
  • 13:35: holes on each dumplings and all the juice pitch in water such dough is better not freeze by the way i do not freeze only ready dumplings can and just piece of dough freeze before cooking defrost dough on shelf in the fridge and you can cook from cold dough sculpt dumplings even it's easier to watch and try everything three tests are good I made sure once again that
  • 14:05: my perfect dough for ravioli it's dough on boiling water but that 's not all since we have three tests now try to cook pasties and compare which tastier is generally suitable for cheburekom at least one of these recipes dough roll out thinly cut into using a plate of circles I spread the stuffing stuffing I took what for dumplings just added more onions and water decent led form chebureki
  • 14:36: of all three types of dough did 2 things and fry here it turns out not like example and taste and appearance all three the test is very different fried them the same amount of time
  • 15:07: some crunchy sandy others some soft write in the comments how do you think day here what dough plates of course i am of course changed places to confuse you let's take a little these pasties number one they turned out juicy but not crispy now these will be under number two dough some kind of dry part of the juice leaked during frying steel juice soaked in dough number 3 Let these 4s be the most successful
  • 15:40: juicy stuffing all the juice remained inside the dough itself crispy super so where is the dough like you think i will certainly tell you what dough at what number here but already in next video and show how I do it roasted one of these recipes are very suitable for pasties if you like this video like share with friends I will wait for your comments and of course
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