Капуста, мука, яйцо и немного сыра…Вы пожалеете что не знали об этом рецепте раньше! | Appetitno.TV  See details »

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  • 00:00: most likely you will regret not knowing earlier about this hearty and tasty dish for cooking which you need the most affordable ingredients let's start cabbage finely chop add a little salt and knead by hands [music] put the cabbage for 10 minutes so she spilled juice add the cauliflower 4 eggs on the table
  • 00:30: spoons of salt a little finely chopped dill 7 tablespoons flour and good Stir all ingredients until consistency of dough for fritters [music] on the pan with sunflower oil diameter of 18 centimeters put 4 tablespoons cabbage mixture and shape pancake length should be fried for two or three minutes on each side put cabbage pancakes
  • 01:00: on a plate and cool and you will succeed 3 cabbage length [music] rub 220 grams of hard cheese 3 boiled eggs and 100 grams of processed cheese on a fine grater put together all the ingredients a little cheese set aside immediately for decoration
  • 01:31: add 6 tablespoons sour cream crushed garlic some finely chopped dill and stir until smooth [music] as you saw for the cake decoration you will need a culinary ring put 1 Greenpeace cabbage on the bottom of the ring and grease cheese on the mask in the same way grease all cabbage pancakes sprinkle the last layer with grated cheese
  • 02:16: finely chopped dill and garnish cherry tomato slices [music] put the cabbage cake in the fridge for 20 minutes from just one cabbage several eggs and cheese that can be find in the fridge of every housewife you can cook crazy delicious delicate cake necessarily
  • 02:47: cook such a cake will not regret enjoy your meal