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Круче не придумаешь!Мангал из газового баллона за три часа!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello, another gas cylinder regular refueling Well, as you already understood by the title, it is not Bourget gas cylinders it will grill BBQ of the network is complete as well, and do there are some nuances that in my
  • 00:33: the first Mongols did not like or let's say and show step by step guide credit grill from balloon first step is required by water quietly slowly opened the valve set was going included a small set and fill to the brim the second stage is markup
  • 01:07: measure it seven times understandable therefore we place ourselves clearly then there was some descent it means the center we take the seam of Shabalov was in circumference he is ninety-six centimeters divide into four parts it turns out on 24 centimeters means 2024 measured out
  • 01:41: the first line was beaten off from the center with this parties note also 24 centimeters and divide by 6 skewers it comes out before us three centimeters need a weld and from
  • 02:12: this line which we noted weld seam beat on 8 centimeters and we are just getting 6 in the future skewer hole and from this line we beat 10 more centimeters this we will have a cap not
  • 02:43: I know explained clearly incomprehensible need to be seemingly understandable God full with water start to cut after the first cut is done we will have the back of the brazier immediately while doing the rest cut attached here are such a loop that is
  • 03:16: it can be a solid can be segments for years, I have to be accurate and went out and went put and weld it so that later we don’t it was necessary if we cut off cover catching this joint if at once weld loops the cover will be smooth open and close made all husband cover slices
  • 03:49: open Here we have such a swamp but safe hinged lid after which I cut two such ones drunks for 3 centimeters in my 40 blog in order to weld it to this place as a stop for the cover cap the king
  • 04:21: the lid did not fall from you in the limiter and neatly on them is to not breaking loops Now I will weld weld knob knob can pick any door entrance though I took for example from old barbecue Well, what is the store is not yet why I do not hurt lowered limiters hold still what time limiters can
  • 04:54: slightly whip up to the cap with all filed i mean you were convenient to open close they stretch and slightly raised respectively roofs or higher you can do shorter we develop what do we cut off welds and rims for ease of removal make the cut relax and its remove cut such plates in this
  • 05:25: case me thickness is 1 millimeter let such all metal is and means width 3 made and all along this length around the circumference already welded more either its inside to cover anything not hurt
  • 05:57: then cover the lid and we will not no gaps and the lid will not fall nowhere but it will be difficult to lie on these plates 2 welded and two things left weld all plastinochki welded . we drop a single gap
  • 06:32: we do not have and drilled a hole which we scheduled earlier and now I will do here here and here that is, all the same by 8 centimeters and edges will make cuts by skewer cut the crane saying built a small
  • 07:05: piglet after which I turned the brazier sedimentary seam entered 10 centimeters ten more centimeters retreated marked out by 5 centimeters somewhere will be cut cut from the bottom and do not advise will not think because fat is dripping it all gets clogged up all the time you need a buch and catch a union, and you're not burned like need to live do side now
  • 07:35: resist one side and the second Well, that's all brazier ready for time three hours slotted the only thing that I do not do legs because this mango needs something take the brazier things are not myself there will be do in place legs what is there
  • 08:07: hide beloved mother-in-law still promised do here and did lucky on the spot doing legs night there already varied do can be done from uruka now show what legs are on it first hijacked and probably will show the lid is closed that is, there is no gap meat can lie a little bit later so 1 mango is this kind of legs
  • 08:37: under the bottom you can manage something conveniently by itself she is the one of which I had it he was the rest I had to do a little bit here just drown out a piece of metal handle from iron first version made 5 skewers the second is 6 good things here me goes hitler all over the place on
  • 09:08: minus i made the bottom of the hole you can do it from the side because snow sedan is clogged limiters in this version ordinary key some hangers old . you can dream whoever wants us all in this project could
  • 09:39: completed all good luck thank you for your attention