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Вяжем необычные пинеточки

Вяжем необычные пинеточки  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] I welcome everyone on my channel and today I want to show you the process knitting like that pineta cheek teeth with lapel com appliance rezinochka here another lapel measure the sole roller now how much
  • 00:31: centimeters 11 11 and a half I was knitting from a yarn of three colors, that's how I was 100 points lilac black and gray took the main thread that knit sole and the top needles I knit 2 and a half so let's start knitting
  • 01:11: 32 loops I typed if anyone wants something and who is easy to cut by shemku then you can knit on this shoot is there any who are hard to cut on the shemku I'll give you a link to knit soles I have a separate video how to knit 32 loop outsole I will give you a link for 32 loops it is easy for someone to knit
  • 01:43: knit on this shoot I have not knitted the soles will also be knit now with by you and when were the sole ready to be then knit on and for now knit backing and so my sole is ready for knitting needles 52 loop then I took a black thread and knitted 4 rows of facial and purl front and purl 4 rows here I have
  • 02:14: tied four rows now it's the same black to thread on need to knit teeth we remove the first loop further we knit 2 together front nakid 2 together nakid 2 put together and so knit until the end of the end nakid and edging
  • 02:47: knit on the seamy side
  • 04:01: purl and scum and also knit wrong side knit a number of purl and now knit one more row of facial and one row of purl knit all loops front and back, knit a cavity row purl loops and so tied all
  • 04:32: rows now we need to connect cloves in half and so fold take black thread and here it is on the first row and we just started to drive black here this here we raise the right spoke dress on the left knitting needle and black together
  • 05:07: knit 1 front 2 loops now loop turn it upside down and pick up this one here is gray septum and provyazyvaem series and little black
  • 05:39: turn the black thread again inside, we expand embrace here this one is a gray septum and tying the two together is very fast it's very easy turned turned around picked up and
  • 06:16: cut two together 3 it's not hard The main thing is to pick up in each and not to miss none from the wrong side and so here midway together knit and it turns out that we have such teeth here and so we knit to the last loop the last shall find here also primus
  • 06:50: which is here with pigtails this pen thread knitting cloves to the end and now by and the words of the night side are all loops and that the same black thread I knit facial loops then I took the purple thread and knitted 4 rows of facial facial a on purl purl
  • 07:25: while knitting facial Now I took a purple thread and knit
  • 08:21: lilac thread facial inside out purl and again the police facial a on the wrong side of the back so we knit 4 we knotted rows of 4 rows of lilac thread now raise the black thread and we knit one face 1 we remove
  • 08:52: thread at work again, one face 1 remove 1 face 1 remove so we knit up the end of the series this drawing is all familiar we have already written to them several times and seam side filmed we shoot little black which
  • 09:23: purl i knit purl again one removed 1 purl 1 removed 1 purl remove the thread before work us remains dopevyazyvaem until the end of the series then raise purple thread and pressure hydra
  • 09:53: ring I hydrate purl loops I knitted two rows purple thread and now we take primary color is gray and selling 4 more rows on the front front and back purl knit a row of facial row of purl row of facial row of purl all brilliantly simple
  • 10:23: I knitted four more rows of serenko thread now continue to knit gray and wheelbarrow knitting needles 52 loops knit now we are 16 hinges together with edge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 tb
  • 10:57: hook on 20 loops 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 and
  • 11:36: count here too should be 16 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so 16 now we take a thread and drag through crochet through all 20 loops and fasten the dress
  • 12:07: on the left knitting needle and continue to knit then tightens the strings and petelechku then thread and continue to knit 16 more loops
  • 12:39: on the needle we have 33 loops chose 32 all of these reductions she became 33 loops because 1 is average the loop that we connected it with us added to the middle now knit loop all purl on the wrong side and count 1 2
  • 13:09: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 which we knit all the loops 18 19
  • 13:48: 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 all here we have such a mysik will look
  • 14:21: now we knit 4 rows of facial on the wrong side purl three or four rows knit here and there facial and purl facial wrong and knitted facial and purl facial mi now on the seamy side i Knit two tracks here now I'm on
  • 14:53: seamy side about knitting facial and then lilac on wrap facial and purlind it I bound it so that the video and did not roll further here, as a brake, these two the tracks they both slow down and not give round here this roller don't want can not i did it specifically as an ideal brake
  • 15:24: now I will knit to the end with gray ones then pick up the purple thread or two rows knit lilac thread I'll tie both rows with facial loops one lane we have already stronger i already hurried to cut it was not necessary
  • 15:58: so now we are two rows knit facial settlement on the thread and then gray thread knit so many rows you yourself see how much you need her to I started spinning here 1 2 3 4 5 so mistakes and gen 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 a arc knotted facial in the face
  • 16:28: purl on the wrong side and closed the hinges so I knitted Now he twisted around me and because inhibits these two stripes further he does not twisted now we turn to the wrong side sew the back with the same crochet parts do not forget to close the sole
  • 16:59: our all tips here were purses loops for here these loops from the purl side of it all we close up sew and then in a circle i will show how dial loops for rezinochki and sales More rezinochka so that they held tight on the legs here such
  • 17:29: We got booties if you want stay because this is now up connected here until now you can leave them like that but I thought that they will be a little bit low and so I here I also tied the rubber I took the lilac thread and then took more such here Knitting needles 4 pieces oh 55 pieces which we knit socks
  • 18:04: scored in a circle here for these lilac fist checks scored eight loop and knit here I typed these silver here lilac septum and in a circle of eight I scored loops like this 123
  • 18:37: 45 6 sen 8 then took another and so I have 33 loops
  • 19:09: on i typed here 32 by 8 by 4 knitting needles and I knit in a circle as much as you I want to open it, but I think not this enough knit in a circle and close loops such booties today we are with you tied up I think that I understood everything clearly and showed how like what why I fit I think you did everything right and you
  • 19:43: everything turned out like these booties unusual today contacted I wish you all the best subscribe on my channel I have about 500 models, a huge choice if you do not understand this video is not take the time to unsubscribe see I have many other videos apparently that you can choose any other video
  • 20:13: if you don't like it well for today I will finish waiting for you on my channel all the best to you goodbye