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  • 00:00: hello my dear subscribers and my channel's guests my name is lyudmila and today I want to show you one of easy and simple ways to knit gum knitting needles but not just gum and very lush beautiful yet on double sided and if you knit this gum with good quality isn't it just a bomb well let's start immediately maiden on the spokes recruit any number of loops convenient for you throughout the knitting we always
  • 01:00: first loop remove last knit purl so to this I I will not return first row we knit you usual elastic 1 on 1 facial purl the next row we are about
  • 02:10: fry knit gum but slightly different way if we're in a simple gum knit for the top that's what neither there is a top loop then in our case we we will be the front knit for the bottom loop the previous row knit facial and we knock off the needles purl repeat and so on until the end of the row
  • 02:40: the last but one and the last
  • 03:25: knit purl and forth keep repeating knitting the front of the previous loop a series of purl knit normal wrong side and so knit all the gum in
  • 04:03: front and back rows of facial
  • 04:39: knit for the loop of the previous row purl knit ordinary purl let's tie a little bit with you
  • 05:21: [music] but
  • 07:07: well that's what happened as she said double sided
  • 07:40: she is so soft and tender and lush take a look my case the thread is thinner than the needles for account of this is obtained such a lower one is on the size of the needles and The thread depends on the size of the product and the pattern but in any case no matter how much sleep
  • 08:11: took you lush gum will but it will just smaller in size by the way 1 minus a This gum eats a lot of yarn so consider With such a magnificent gum will be awesome sweater or pullover yeah just enough pick a good quality
  • 08:41: elastic yarn and not necessarily dear believe me that you can buy good yarn for little money I want for you to make a video review of the beaches There is a yarn that I use and which I like but it is quite another topic so subscribe to my channel and you will be happy because all the fun lies ahead if you like we put a finger
  • 09:11: up i wish you a nice sunny moods and see you yet [music]