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Набор петель, как ФАБРИЧНЫЙ/Учимся вязать красиво

Набор петель, как ФАБРИЧНЫЙ/Учимся вязать красиво  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear friends I I welcome you all to my channel channel and knitting and not only my name is Irina Markelova is my channel too called irina markelova and if you are not you are still my subscribers I you call subscribe and you will find
  • 00:30: a lot more interesting for myself my channel if you have not found this yet well, if you sign in front inscriptions subscribe there is a bell by clicking on it you will receive an alert that I expose on my channel today is my video devoted to the knitting heading of course and I want to show you
  • 01:03: factory loop set recently i showed you your vlogs these samples Yes, and a lot was a request for something so I showed how beautiful I am it turns out such a set of loops Moreover , there were requests for this pattern but this will be later a separate video
  • 01:33: Now we will learn how to knit such a rezinochku one-on-one which we will gain in the factory way so what do we need to do to us need two colors of contrasting threads my case, I took here so thick in order to be more convenient for you
  • 02:04: It is desirable to show of course that if you have a thread of wool on this is for you to pick some cotton thread for what it should be done for the fact that if the same thread recruit yes this this then often if in Orsini flock thread initial it remains varsa on another thread especially if they have a very contrast
  • 02:38: strong I already faced it therefore I advise you well from personal experience that you need to take such a thread that which there are no wars and but in this case I'm not critical no matter why i take and from the fact that I do not mind spending on samples Here, too, recruited factory edge call it so you must necessarily
  • 03:10: consider that when you recruit its loops already on the finished product then originally right now I will recruit need to implement a set of loops in two times less because then in the process knitting now and doubles right now i'm typing ordinary in the classic way 10 loops to
  • 03:43: the classic way 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I typed everything I can this thread to trim it with us as a minor thread like all of it on or auxiliary
  • 04:14: all differently called well I call secondary whether auxiliary once so called another time so on I take my second thread and yes what I do on the first provyazyvayu I have edging facial
  • 04:45: the second one too, I knit my face and so I I knit all the loops to the very end facial edging one that usually knit purl and also knitting face only I knit for the back wall why am I doing this I'll show you now
  • 05:18: if I tie it like this It turns out see what time bread so I knit it like that way that is, for the back wall and she I already see not so slander me I pull up and now we have wrong side
  • 05:48: we knit so wrong not in front work and knit all the loops purl to the last loop and the last loop also knitted on the wrong side the next row is our third row
  • 06:20: it turns out that we recruited underspring I don't consider it because we can't read at all exactly the same as the previous face row here we knit all the facial loops facial past unfolding and
  • 06:57: now be careful here is our row he will be 4 yes he is ours directly typesetting edge that is now we will form our 1 in 1 rezinochku edge we knit purl
  • 07:30: now watch here we have the edge until after it go here such as septum pimples here they we need these pimples now i I'll show you what we will do with them.
  • 08:01: we take why I took sharp needles because spicy and knitting very easy to work blunt too possible but sharp easier and here this pub and decide like that hooks bottom and yes we dress our knitting needle left here under doing then I step in right
  • 08:32: to the left in this loop and fasten the face next we go wrong I look where I have this next booty ryshkova then on putting on the knitting needle again and knitting facial you must remember that these are all loops that we have bumps they
  • 09:03: knit facial and all loops who we have on the spokes tied with purses i have i knitted facial following wrong then I need now lift I lift knit purl raise
  • 09:38: knit purl in this way you you need to lift all the loops and knit up the end of the row reached the edge loop here we have an edge loop and we still have last time raise our puppey handle so I raise her knit facial and
  • 10:10: knock back purse and here if you remember i said that all of our the loops are doubled yes that is, I had typed 10 loops but in this case I will have 19 why because so that I had
  • 10:40: symmetric see here from this side front and on this side front here so get 19 loops on we turn around and now I already starting to knit rezinochku one-on-one in the usual way that is I remove the front one I always purse wrongly the classic way because to me
  • 11:11: more like she looks more beautiful Now I will show you see she more elastic then more some in-depth see therefore I am always wrong knit the classic way their rezinochkah everywhere as it is tied right here
  • 11:41: to the left behind the front wall I enter pizza and throw in we grandma's from here to grab a working thread and here we do like knitting needles and we wrap this our working thread and pull the loop this is done easily and simply
  • 12:12: when you practice again show here is a working thread before work before we enter knitting needle for front wall from left to right when I first studied, I stronger in the loop knitting needle introduced and like that, then twisted pulled out and easily pulled the eyelet Now I do it on the machine
  • 12:43: but I had to practice a little In principle, this is not necessarily do but we want us all It was beautiful and so I am in the process your knitting trying to find such moments that contributed to to make my thing look beautiful I told you the main points now
  • 13:16: we can trim our thread i can you be confused but i just prune look here here when you are like this place the thread here you can see here such holes so that we do not cut our thread we introduce the blade of our scissors in these holes before we prune
  • 13:48: do not rush to do everything neatly tell everything easy and simple there is something u
  • 14:21: me somewhere I do not cut it, and pull all these strings and this we have a nice edge and when you knit the night you need number of rows rezinochkoy one-on-one you get this cute
  • 14:51: factory edge see what neatly nice elastic rezinochka well me it seems like nothing more to add here I wish you light loops inspiration creative and if you liked it share videos with your friends put your fingers up and see you again until new video with you was Irina