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How to knit overalls for a Yorkshire terrier a front smooth surface with the drawing Knitting spokes Irina Hera  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon today we start to knit dog jumpsuit I scribbled over the knitting needles 36 loops and Now we will close the circle I will gain us the last loop on last needle last loop it will be 10 for what am i doing now with the first needle on the first
  • 00:30: loop and pull through the needle which through the loop which is on the spokes what does it do for us there was no abrupt transition and was not such small groove hinge connection all Now I knit a rubber band 1 for 1 each knits a certain number of rows of me
  • 01:01: york small so I would not see Gum small we all knit gum and now we will distribute loops on raglan we only have 30 of 54 loops we have this advertising line ie one loop leaves but with the main thing that is a 36 loops we scored we subtract 4 it turns out 32 loops now 32
  • 01:33: the loops we divide by 3 why inside because we have before back and loop sleeves do not combine as if in one, that is why we divide by 3 we get 10 and 6 we are about round to 11 and it turns out that 11 loops on our front and back and five loops on on arms on sleeves you can do 10 loops back
  • 02:05: and before and 6 sleeves and six loops each sleeves that is as you like and everything Now we will gain loops on raglan we all begin to distribute loops on our jumpsuit 11 loops is in front of us now we are recruiting 11 loops 10 11 c loops
  • 02:40: typed put the marker goes on one raglana I then wrote a song on 5 loops this sleeve is typing one more who is it
  • 03:21: [music] farther now 11 loops we have a back again nine 1011 also put a marker one five is raglan celebrate
  • 03:52: marker 5 loops of sleeves go further 1 2 5 marker and one loop is an advertising line here it all starts to knit them out circle that is, each we will do increments through a row
  • 04:24: I knit facial up to the marker all up Marker is knitting it now I do nakid 1 face cover that is, due to nakidov we will have expand the canvas then again knit facial docked up to the marker do nakid front
  • 05:01: nakid and again on the feast recognized that is so not to start knitting next I will show you how we will continue to knit All finished up to 1 nakida and now if we want us to form the hole then we knit the wrong side and will have we are such a hole but I don't want me to have a hole
  • 05:32: I want it to be less noticeable so I am knitting my face back wall. and skill holes will be further facial and farther back over the back wall I knitting facial everyone does not do it completely until the beginning knitting the next row we do again
  • 06:04: Now I will show it again before the marker, we add that there is a front of the back wall that is this is the front wall this is the back all knit 1 front and back again behind wall all the holes we have no canvas
  • 06:36: begins to expand ie we do it's across the row the first row is cape in next row we knit this nakid does not gradually expand further You need to look at your dog what distance do you need to knit so that everything is not convenient , we tied with you raglan our dogs
  • 07:07: My length of the raglan line was 10 centimeters I have a small all for some reason 110 centimeters now here we are This back for example two legs game so that is, we now have these parts there is where the paws we are shooting on extra thread
  • 07:38: I just hooked the thread and everything is like this hang up here we will show now that is, here we have one leg
  • 08:12: now we connect ethic knit as usually until the next it turns out this part here to here and also follow we let's reload on all the extra thread but now I see here is not recast the second in our part wing arm or leg tied
  • 08:46: from the loop of here and here we just start as usual to knit knit on now in a circle I'm here now
  • 09:20: I'll let the Norwegian know what a new pattern with white thread to make more elegant and we will knit until the middle of my belly cable so that there is no marals sweat lower part we just close and continue without this gift for the back is all knit and so on circle now you can with a pattern can then make additional
  • 09:55: packets to throw extra decoration sew it on like this on the back our overalls and there will be such the same burr white bunny he will be a cutout drawing consists of 17 loops i mean i central 7 loops singled out and start for
  • 10:25: survived a friend of the state that is our hare dads patterned down all in the picture is the sixth loop first 6 loops bind one hundred
  • 11:05: knit a loop all the way around like usually in the next row we hold over this loop will again be little white tasek only but samsung I knit everything approximately to the middle of the belly our blouse I have about 21 overalls
  • 11:40: centimeter turned out now I will divide it in two parts before and behind and here I will knit this part with a rubber band, that is, I’ll close up half did not under half retreated two loops yet that is and now on the tummy, that is, it will be a little bit shorter than the back and all this part and now I'll tie a rubber band in white
  • 12:12: a couple of centimeters and close it will be stomach so he does not get dirty he is with me cable to always be a clean rubber band knit also like a cut collar 11 that is, there will be rows back and forth turned my nose man for tilt All one-on-one I do not lie with a rubber band and
  • 12:53: then I'll close the topic knit pair turns rubber this private not yet asking and now we will close as we do the first loop take off if here facial knit facial and we stretch here we purl knit purland and stretch everything so end of the row we do close and we will knit now close the gum will
  • 13:26: knit only this part it will be already the back of the nose is all here we have tied with you rubber band is part of us will be closed this part on the basin and also we continue to knit this part here back that is, we when we knit anyone formed a transition to this transition closure now here that mean knitting needles and us all the transition from will be closed that is
  • 13:56: pick up this first loop all and on Knitting needles and then were continue to knit to avoid transition we are now taking off this loop and
  • 14:29: further knit usually that is to the wrong purl loops front side facial also get to the last loop and here here we will catch another it looked very neat we all knit this part and now we need connect so that there is no hole so that all there was a single simple loop of senate 100 in This loop is the edge of the enter
  • 15:02: knitting needle and picking up the thread here it will be a neat transition and further knit also up to the length of the length of the body and close belen also white for Zinchik cut out our overalls fatigue now paws front and here crawl more hind legs that is, there will have rag
  • 15:37: I'll show you how we will fix the coat paws how to create now we need to tie hind legs fresh triangle also here and then did not ask here and will our here you can continue to knit either make a gum and close the loop i
  • 16:12: decided to knit hind legs stockings knitting needles scored 28 loops + 1 extra for what will i do this i will close in a circle that is, we remove this loop from the left Needles not knitting and now stretch through this through this extra
  • 16:42: the top five everything and we will not be here and sharp boundaries of transition we all now knit as much as you need approximately centimeters 5 6 I will connect and it will be hind foot here we tied the back foot for back paws and in the gum I slightly reduced like i did on 5 knitting needles on stockings
  • 17:14: also the first two first loops i just I knit together farther like rubber bands usual following the list is again two loops together I see again chicken and so on 4 needles at the beginning of each spoke 2 loops knit together to
  • 17:47: here and so he would get up we all tied up for the two hind legs cuffs now dissolve it is the front sleeve and two front paws dial loops i will to knit net immediately white rubber band they retraced but everything on the spokes here here
  • 18:18: we have emptiness we just recruit neatly as it gets and peppers all loops on scored and on
  • 18:53: we begin to knit with a rubber band one camp tied us front sleeves up front paws now remains only sew the hind legs for the hind legs normal fight just sew straight from start like this well that's what our jumpsuit tied up for
  • 19:36: dogs and google up [music] [music]