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  • 00:00: fish oil for face skin mask recipes how to apply hello to everyone with you robot milena and channel beauty from fish health fat is a unique product contained in sea ​​fish it is indispensable for a growing body because it contains many useful substances it has long been used in medicine for prevention of rickets strengthen bones and general improvement in recent years this product has positively recommended myself and in cosmetology it turned out that
  • 00:31: fish oil for the face brings a huge benefit added to healing masks he helps wrinkle tightens facial contours It gives the skin a fresh and healthy look and if you combine external procedures with ingestion can be quickly cleaned skin acne roughness skin oil benefits just take a closer look at his the composition it becomes clear that this an indispensable tool for female beauty vitamin A
  • 01:03: stimulates epidermal cells faster updated from this face is done clean and radiant vitamin d promotes fast penetration deep into the skin essential trace elements that ensure the smooth operation of cells vitamin e stops wilting smoothes the epidermis relieves wrinkle fatty acids the most important of which is omega 3 help remove acne from acne from others unpleasant formations they gently remove
  • 01:34: redness and inflammation make the skin smooth matte and beautiful main the benefits of natural remedies are that it fully nourishes the epidermis vitamins minerals and is suitable for any skin type of a woman after 40 years apply it for effective rejuvenation improvement of complexion and clarification pigmentation of a young girl with his help choose freckles acne acne congestion owners of dry skin reduces
  • 02:05: peeling and redness oily skin clear of greasy brilliance and in cosmetology they rated it complex effect on 5r messi steel add fish alive care products face in pharmacies you can purchase effective cream with this product a also make a healing mask by myself recommendations for the use of masks to skin benefits from cosmetic procedures with fish oil was full need to cook properly put composition
  • 02:36: buy capsules at the pharmacy cut through some of them pus squeeze contents in a ceramic plate add related ingredients there and immediately apply the mixture to the cleaned face contamination clean with facial wash and steam your face with medicinal decoctions Herbs Mask on the massage lines avoiding contact with the skin under eyes and leave to impact on Theodor Piderit Messi 20 min rinse with warm settled water to fix
  • 03:07: positive results take a course do fish oil masks three times a week for 2 months and skin will become soft soft surprisingly velvety get rid of not deep wrinkle contraindication to this procedure is an individual intolerance and non-healed scratches face masks recipes classic recipe take 2 capsule fat about polytechnic and squeeze the liquid soak her cotton swabs lubricate
  • 03:37: skin for convenience can take a piece gauze cut out the hole for the eyes moisten the nutrient mixture and impose on face honey mask to get rid of wrinkles and lighten the pigmentation take tea a spoonful of honey in May, and connect it to one add one to fish oil a teaspoon of purified water and stir composition it should resemble thick Apply a lot of sour cream on the face and through Wash for 20 minutes
  • 04:07: cottage cheese mask take a spoon homemade cottage cheese rub it with a fork add to it as much fish oil and a teaspoon lemon juice finely chop a bunch of parsley and help gauze squeeze a spoon out of it juice pour it into desired mass and mix thoroughly This composition refreshes the face reduces skin lightening brightens age spots and helps against wrinkles spirit mask with fish oil alcohol based blend eliminates
  • 04:38: irritation and inflammation on dry skin take a teaspoon of fat and mix his one-to-one with medical alcohol dilute the mass with a spoon of sour cream and put a thick layer on face nourishing mask take a spoon fish oil and mix it in the same fat cream proportions Spread the components with a fork and grease thin layer of skin around the eyes this mask removes swelling well dark circles under the eyes and smoothes
  • 05:08: Acne Wrinkle Mask mix in teaspoons of lemon fat juice and home cream lightly beat with a fork and apply on face composition is indispensable for problem skin personal mask from peeling Blend a chicken egg and add in a fluffy mass of a teaspoon of fish fat and three drops of lemon essential oil stir and apply evenly on dry skin for 20 minutes Thanks for being with us and watching
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