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  • 00:00: quicker like and learn only she is fine guys not all games Hi there, with you as always Americans continue to arrange the seizure of the Lego building in y se 7 cool friends legs friends today we will have another seizure defense lego buildings all-in-one friends we added just incredibly cool various all sorts of tanks guns and so on friends well then I will be the first today attack the building nick 1 will to defend can be given to fly into shipyards in principle we start with you yes
  • 00:31: friends you put please big thumb up Nikita hid the tanks I I repeat here and every gun in different places yes and i will need now find them but you're not chops ready defensively i will quit i have already studied kung fu know such a master yourself somewhere to you it will help I am the first tank not far away you understand all these
  • 01:01: damn subjects so he is very weak somehow turns okay guys all we leave the chiefs are you ready to receive discharge to the head I think it is but Bagatyokh have olga teru and better brother Setani reaches straight to the top even and where are you and here are the top reports no gap above me bro for some reason did not even take what guns do not want to shoot at not grandmother guys why am I closer
  • 01:41: stop this tank is in addition to Pushkin still gun from March 6 Arena awesome friends what is a miracle I'll go look for another gun because I want shoot at the upper floors and this gun In a number, unfortunately, reports to me you can still hide Nikita there share with me nothing hid total i just made tanks you usually tanks you take love and that's it this thing is worth a bro
  • 02:13: and how is she what is she not going to this the minigun is huge and as above for example I say this is not I was taller how to manage this thing is incredible difficult to manage yet understand but damage generally causes creation closer just very weak fighters destroy yes it seems guys but
  • 02:44: beautiful here such bullets just traces it remains hard to look for anything else brother I see pass by the way another some not understanding the building set here they military targets fret no I'll take in this and break the building here is hardly more just so much power are you ready to take them i right now I will and what is it wow is this charger setting
  • 03:15: I leave everything in advertising in my head by the way oh well flooded on Nuk Nuk a little lower oh still on my own
  • 04:02: street this house is not passed on to the drenched building what is next let's defend a yes damn you can friends but here it is I don't know what to call it rocket launcher not by the rules can not be bro here This is the rocket to put it is necessary to say she incredibly powerful what Nikita did you say that I will have some more surprise
  • 04:34: friends, that is, there is still some kind of him I need to find a thing I want to try because the birth was before and there what the hell guys what is happening there where is the best man wait guys oooooh nifiga stop here this is the hammer of oil kind of you guys so why is he moving like this generally sit down and all this is real and I am not I see there is even a place lan here so friends all i sat down by the river teasing nekit too now i'm going to you
  • 05:06: this hammer is full wait for it to go end fuck up damn it was epic
  • 05:43: agree today without this grieve not burned down building until the evening and here probably there are no any elements that much more likely i just remember it Well friends place please thumb up I see of them there change roles and continue to drive Well guys, I will now blow up device to hand over it completely and this shock glass just like this
  • 06:24: I bullets fly year no fig no I saw a piece I understood a piece so they understood guys there is no way that somewhere a pancake as not break me in the glass bro here
  • 06:57: in short, but come on, brother, I'm watching you are you looking for denmark i will look for myself or how that's it i guys so lal I slept in it bro wait a minute and where are you and let Nikita get shorter we will assume that you have not applied to me at all At home it was only before this mini racer I had everything you can search for then
  • 07:31: any other pieces of bro take down the building won guys i by the way he set not much different place our today's hero video is so say here this thresher nobody too is coming nikita about and probably tough thing which is very powerful bromine here it is incredibly powerful cool stuff bro sense you can't hit the bolts he support fire and so I have with this the parties fell no guys I really bullshit do something need to shoot what are you ? what is good?
  • 08:02: why are you interested decided yes why is the gate well, see friends site side of the building has already broken with this guys are you not git powerfully do everything brother i see your nickname but I really shoot this place to go getting or che there are no editions of you shoot no you don't get higher bro shoot what you can for example tank some learn from these here often was aiming now we are really late are you so wow i just see you get right on
  • 08:35: building pieces fly off bro i try now somewhere below friends come down to look at all like her from inside the building this is this floor so never broke before taxi hike days there will be time oh well all I'm more
  • 09:08: I will not make friends with me again warrior clean new building you can tank i see brother tank noticed yes here this thing is hard for me not to notice at all in the meat the ability to shoot at subject to shoot you left with you
  • 10:13: bro last shorter what's understandable now I will be you until the end completely fell long ago and this
  • 10:46: friends abrek ricks we know shorter technology is such an idea let me jump for this building bro drove into a hole here in this big and just shorter everything i'm in this Pit I don't know I'm not creating where he is the building falling off was just shorter bro year mod there on this thing let's end
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