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  • 00:00: hello dear friends with you knitting planet and i'm olga god today we are learning how to do magic judi set american knitter judy becker developed this method and for knit socks from toe however, a magic set of loops is possible with use success for others products that fit in a circle Mitts bags of some models of caps for example using this technique and
  • 00:30: knitted cushion cover set made in the middle of the blue bar and he completely invisible to work us need circular needles on the line the set is not on the one hand as usual from two sides one end of the thread listen to a set of loops on one spoke and the other one is first defined the length of the free end of the thread for example we want to score a total of 40
  • 01:02: loops get 20 for each knitting needle we take the needles put together and we wrap them nickel 10 times we got the thread section necessary for
  • 01:36: set of 10 loops we measure it twice plus add 15-20 centimeters for retention thread we take the needles in the right hand thread in the left free end of ourselves throwing thread on the upper needle and form a loop
  • 02:07: it turns out that the thread from the ball we have on the index finger and the free end the threads on the left thumb in further on the lower needle we will have formed with the index finger and on top of the big we already have a loop on the upper spoke
  • 02:39: need to make a loop on the bottom for this twist counterclockwise with thread index finger lower needle and tighten the loop in order to make a loop on the upper spoke twist the thread with your thumb the upper needle is also counterclockwise
  • 03:09: arrows and so we continue to type the right the number of loops thread index entwine finger counterclockwise thread of the thumb we also twist counterclockwise top egg we scored on one and another spoke of 20
  • 05:10: loops and now let's see how to continue knitting on we turn knitting so so that the sharp ends and sleep were with the right side of the lower needle pull so that the lower loops are on fishing line the length of the fishing line is done so that it was convenient to knit on
  • 05:49: the ends of the thread are twisted and loose the end is placed along the spokes and hold it with your left hand and on knit the first half of the series
  • 06:20: the pattern we need in this case face loops we tied the first half of the series for
  • 07:49: knitting the second half we need pull spokes that to those loops that were on the needles were on the line clothes on the line on the spokes and now we will continue to knit
  • 08:30: we tied the full row in a circle and so
  • 09:37: continue to knit on the right number of rows I want to draw your attention if you
  • 12:04: knit in a circle knit only classic front wall hinges like this if you knit in the back grandmother's loops the loops will be twisted and will curl everything in knitting in general this smear I tied up specifically to show clearly how it happens more about ways and knitting loops you you can find out on our website the planet
  • 12:36: knitting. and rf link to page in description for this video for today all stay with us subscribe to the planet knitting channel goodbye on youtube