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Children's JACKET the SWEATSHIRT spokes with the extended back and a collar a pipe a knitted sweatshirt 3 part  See details »

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  • 00:00: so I linked advertising or not to I see the length I need 15 centimeters as i see on height 110 a 15 centimeters raglan line need and I have a little more here since i want the fee lovic I was blouse for free not see 15 and a half centimeters it turned out raglan line and her we we measure on the front part that is I'll pass it and now I have added the addition tied the last row where we are
  • 00:30: provyazyvaem these additions that is, they me povyazany poems next row if I continued to knit raglan line did not need to now make addition along raglan line but we turn on the sleeves that is, we separate the beech from ours with you linen and knit undercuts continue knit our blouse down and so we there is a marker near the raglan line here she will see this loop in Odessa
  • 01:03: but we got this loop alone advertising line goes to sleeve a1 the loop of the raglan line goes well or ahead or back according to Where is this advertising line I have pepper here and accordingly I am now this loop of this thread First of all, I’m cleaning this loop for now. she told me to go down until you need, and loops
  • 01:33: sleeves we transfer or a string or an additional knitting needle I will carry on such a pin and transfer all eyelets plus 1 the loop of the raglan line on the additional a thread little sleeves we will knit a little later separate these loops we will need with you open this we transfer the eyelets to the sleeves and
  • 02:05: come back to me I transferred loops of the left sleeve since it before it accordingly we have it turns out with you the left sleeve and I don’t said in my sleeve without two loops and ragl lines came out 46 loop that is, with two loops Raglan lines 48 5 loops I transferred to extra pin and now we are with you form undercuts undercuts
  • 02:36: make up eight percent of the total number of loops our front and back to you and on the back without two loops ok reglan lines I got 65 loops and respectively with two loops sixty seven multiply by 2 we get 134 loops and if you subtract 8 percent it turns out that our undercuts
  • 03:06: both are 1072 but 1072 we clean they more precisely round up to less 10 loops left and it turns out that five loops come in on the left undercut and 5 loops on the right that we do look we are with you now after we knit the loop raglan line pie we hang with you marker start a row and now dial 5 eyelet for undercut first try
  • 03:38: maximum tighten them 2 3 4 and 5 and then we knit one the loop of the raglan line which remained at we are with you and better knit crossed loop that is, we introduce a needle for the left shower where
  • 04:08: which is further from us to you on the spokes are located and knit facial loop at the same time we pull the thread as tightly as possible we remove the marker further we knit all loops are facial and ours are with you backs we have them all turns out 67 we knit all these loops face we reach the sleeve and come back to me
  • 04:40: and so I tied all the loops on the back before marker remove marker and knit one loop of the raglan line crossed so same as they did before we start knitting for the left bow and knit a crossed loop until we put off our body in side and forth i will retake eyelets on the line
  • 05:12: and reload the loop 2 sleeves or extra thread or knitting needle extra or fishing line like in my if you have removable needles and just rewrite all these loops and one the loop of the raglan line and return to I transferred the loops of the right sleeve
  • 05:42: us extortionating knitting needle and now we again you make a set of loops for undercut dial 5 loops 1 2 3 4 5 loop knit one loop raglan line that we have with you
  • 06:16: left crossed we tighten the thread tightly 7 marker and knit all the loops our front to you so I finished all the eyelets on the front whose last loop and to me
  • 06:47: left from raglan line i also see crossbing throwing a marker start Row and tying now these the loops we scored for undercuts knit them also crossed, that is , for the left bow we introduce a needle like this straight and grab the back wall of the loop Knit 1 loop for the next 2 on 3 4 and 5
  • 07:23: and then knit facial loops all loops to the next undercut the next undercut there maybe you better seen because there is a fishing line I I'll tie it
  • 07:53: until the end until the next undercut and be back I will show you once again how to knit undercut loops look knitted loops to undercut and once again knit with you undercuts we introduce a needle inside the eyelet is captured back wall and knit facial see what we have double cross loops turned out further here not there will be holes for sure again like this
  • 08:24: we enter into the loop and the back wall knit in a loop knit for the back wall is the third loop 4 and 5 here we are on our torso blouses as I will knit blouse with a color transition with a gradient I will tie it now with this light pink 8 centimeters and I will
  • 08:56: introduce a new color of yarn well, this moment I will also show you how i do it 8 centimeters I now see everything here loops facial if you knit one color then knit until the end is almost up to the gum you need length sweatshirt and come back to me see off I connected the segment 26 rows and I
  • 09:30: 8 centimeters turned out it is not 8 cm and now i will take a different color yarn when this thread is one I cut off such here tip leave big small not I know, just to make me comfortable later hide this thread take a yarn of a different color are putting this yarn
  • 10:06: to our with you knitting and first knit the loop in 3 threads on we're leaving the thread that cut off light pink and continue to knit already two threads of different colors in order to
  • 10:36: we got a color transition like that the way i will tie the same amount rows ie 26 3. I will knit in this combination colors and get back to you well i have tied 8 centimeters gradient one thread light pink 1 dark pink here I have 8 centimeters
  • 11:06: It turned out and now I cut light pink thread and fasten the thread the second one is dark pink and the same 8 more 10 meters I will knit already in one dark pink color I usually knit the first loop in 3 strings
  • 11:37: lay the thread light pink and keep on knitting in one dark pink color 8 centimeters I'll tie now and return to you will move on gum here look I tied 8 centimeters in one color it is not 8 centimeters my
  • 12:07: and look at my beginning of the series and we are with you marked the beginning of a series of tunis where started making undercut here it is our undercut and here we added on the hands of 5 loops 1 2 3 4 5 now in my row 144 baked and since I added 5 loops here until it turns out that this is this loop it turns out I prune the third she will be the central loop and I her
  • 12:40: I stand on the back now we are with you the beginning of the series we have is in such position that we knit back and here we need to shift a little the beginning of the row on 2 loops see here with us you begin to undercut them here they are 5 loops 1 2 3 4 5 and here they are 5 loops in a row we have a hundred and forty-four loops and on the back and before I distributed loops as follows 70 loops in
  • 13:10: I will go on before and seventy four the loops will go back I did in order to here this is the central loop to 3 in ours she's cut it took me back and so that the product the sides were straight and now we transfer start a series of two loops 1 2 and as I said at the very beginning with us your back is longer than before
  • 13:42: you and I need to knit seventy knit four loops on the back of them facial and go on knitting in front before we go to ninochka two by two only in front parts of our blouses with you here knit seventy four loops I will do it now and return to you seventy four loops on the back I'm knitted and put the marker to the beginning of the row
  • 14:14: while he is standing temporarily and now we begin to knit with you just the front of our blouse and go to the gum 2 to 2 first loop we'll knit edge in in this row she is our face in the rest rows we remove it further knit one knit loop of the front and following loops rubber band 2 by 2 2 loops purl 2 facial again 2 purl purl
  • 14:45: loops here i see classic 2 front 2 purl 2 front and so way I continue to the end of the row in the end we should be with you one five front and 1 edge but in at the end of the row I will come back to you here I am tied to the end of the row on the front, see
  • 15:16: I got 2 at the end of the row purl loops next i see one front and last loop with us you edging and and knit purl grandmother next we unfold knitting and knit only pepper rubber 2 2 the first loop edge minutes always remove the last loop knit purl grandmother so i will knit 10 rows now you and I have begun to knit the second
  • 15:51: row where we are with you in the front row was knit the front loop in the purl row that there where there was a loop in the Wrong knit the front row in the purl row knit ten rows in this way and come back to me